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Provides application developers a simplified, modern interface to connect to data from a web page or application. To accelerate the development of external applications using a common interface mechanism to address the Teradata Database, Teradata REST (Representational State Transfer) Services is a foundation for supporting Restful APIs into various Teradata products.

Teradata REST Services in combination with the REST API for Teradata Database provides the following: allows SQL to be submitted to Teradata via a RESTful web service; relies on JSON as the data-interchange format and HTTP as the protocol; provides a new way to access Teradata Database that doesn't require a Teradata-provided client library or driver.

REST relies on a stateless, client-server, cacheable communications protocol which uses HTTP. REST requests are "stateless", which means that a specific request is self-contained and includes all the information needed to complete the request (e.g., login/session info, address, query) and completion of the request does not depend on previous or later requests.

By using this and other related Teradata AMIs, you will be tapping into the core tools needed for the foundation of your analytic success. NOTE: This AMI is intended for use with the Teradata Database, purchased separately. This AMI uses a 350GB EBS volume for root disk and application software plus a 256GB EBS volume for a data repository.


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