Virtual LoadMaster 200 Edition (LoadMaster, ADC, Content Switch)

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Virtual LoadMaster 200 Edition (LoadMaster, ADC, Content Switch)

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KEMP's Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) in AWS Cloud enhances application performance with comprehensive L7 traffic distribution, session persistence, application health checking, content switching, reverse proxy, SSL off-load (FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Certified), SSL re-encryption, SSL acceleration, DNS failover, HTTP caching, compression and GSLB. Additionally, VLM includes IDS, IPS and Edge Security. Further, to ensure flexibility for client/user access and authorization, Virtual LoadMaster supports - basic, form-based, dual-factor and SAML authentication. This rich set of features along with built-in IPsec VPN and multi-site traffic steering, enables Cloud-only, Hybrid or Cloud Bursting deployments. Typically, Virtual LoadMaster manages popular workloads such as SharePoint, Wordpress, Sitecore and Direct Access, as well as applications built on NGINX, Apache, and IIS Servers. VLM provides a simplified and intuitive user experience, with easy to deploy templates, including those for many Education, Healthcare, Financial, Mobile Device Management(MDM) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Applications. Virtual LoadMaster 200 Edition is a Load Balancer providing up to 200 Mbps throughput and 200 SSL transactions per second (TPS) billed hourly.


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