Chef Automate (First 10 nodes free)

Chef Automate (First 10 nodes free)

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Chef Automate (First 10 nodes free)

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The official Chef Automate AMI (includes its own Chef Server) enables you to build, deploy, and manage your infrastructure and applications collaboratively. With 1-click, you get instant access to all commercial features included with Chef Automate; gain end-to-end visibility across your entire fleet, enable continuous compliance, and manage all change with a unified workflow. Chef Automate works with Chef Software open source projects (Chef, InSpec) and associated tools (chef-client, ChefDK, etc). Chef Software Inc. provides support for this AMI according to standard support SLAs. AWS metered billing ensures you only pay for the nodes you manage on a per hour basis, with your first 10 nodes managed for free.



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Linux/Unix, CentOS 7.2

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