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BayesForge v1.1

Sold by: Latest Version: 2017SE2

Product Overview

This AMI provides an out-of-the box pre-configured Jupyter (version 5.0) environment to start using all major Open Source Quantum Computing (QC) as well as Bayesian analytics software packages. It integrates Python, R and Octave kernels which can be used interchangeably within a notebook with "Jupyter Magic". (The bash kernel is also included, because it makes for neat utility notebooks).

This image is primarily geared towards Bayesian Big Data and Quantum Computing practitioners, but can also serve as a basis for Deep Learning.

The major software packages for Classical Bayesian Analytics are bnlearn (R), pyStan, pyMC, BNT (Octave), OpenPNL (C++-lib)

All major Open Source development environments that allow for redistribution are included in this image. This includes our own software, Quantum-Fog and Qubiter, as well as IBM's QISKit products, D-Wave's QBSolve and chimera-embedding software, as well as Rigetti Computers, PyQuil and Grove products.

All software can be maintained either via 'apt-get', with the 'conda' and 'pip' utilities, or directly from source via 'git pull'.

Please contact us at subject line "D-Wave" to inquire how to purchase cloud compute time on one of their machines.

(Please note, "D-Wave", "IBM" and "Rigetti" are trademarks of their respective companies and are only referenced to describe the included software in accordance with the Apache License v2.0 paragraph 6)



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Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

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