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WURFL Microservice for GO,JAVA,dotNET,NODE.JS,PHP - Professional Edition

WURFL Microservice for GO,JAVA,dotNET,NODE.JS,PHP - Professional Edition

By: ScientiaMobile Latest Version: 1.2

Product Overview

The WURFL Microservice - Pro AMI delivers highly accurate device intelligence to enterprises embracing a microservice architecture. Integrate WURFL Device Detection capabilities (see Resources) into applications to enable mobile optimization (Basic Edition), targeted advertising (Standard Edition), or device analytics (Pro Edition). Not only is WURFL the most accurate solution in the industry (99.9%) with weekly updates of its device library, but it also has the most complete library with over 54,000 devices. WURFL delivers fast, multi-threaded performance that effectively scales on multi-core EC2 processor servers. WURFL Device Detection is adopted by world-class Internet players such as, among others, Google, Facebook, and AWS. With the WURFL Microservice Pro Edition, developers can integrate all supported API languages: Java, .NET (C#), PHP, Node.js, and Golang.

WURFL Microservice - Pro is suitable for all common Device Detection use-cases, such as:

Mobile Optimization
Add real-time device detection to your website. Ensure that content, navigation and UX (user experience) are tailored to the device and its capabilities. This will result in a faster load time and better usability across devices and browsers.

Programmatic advertising players (DSP, SSP, RTB, and Ad Networks) can target, mobilize, and analyze their ads to improve ROI of ad spend and improve displays.

Enterprises can feed WURFL Device Detection into their business intelligence platforms. They can track mobile users, identify trends and problems, and plan investments in future mobile device strategies.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2018.03.0

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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