Deep Learning Base AMI (Ubuntu)

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Deep Learning Base AMI (Ubuntu)

Product Overview

Comes with just the foundational building blocks of deep learning i.e. NVidia CUDA, cuDNN, GPU drivers, and low-level system libraries to scale and accelerate machine learning operations on AWS EC2 instances. The base AMI serves as a clean slate to deploy your customized deep learning set up.

For example, for developers contributing to open source deep learning framework enhancements, the Base AMI provides the foundation for installing your custom configurations and forked repositories to test out new framework features. You could also be an AI startup with a highly specialized deep learning setup that needs a foundation to run on a cloud-scale infrastructure.

Release tags/Branches used:
CUDA 8 and 9,
CuDNN 6 and 7,
CuBLAS 8 and 9,
glibc 2.18,
OpenCV 3.2.0,
NVIDIA driver 384.111,
NCCL 2.1,
Python 2 and 3

The Base AMI comes with the CUDA 9 environment installed by default, however you can also switch to a CUDA 8 environment using simple one-line commands:

Check the AMI developer guide for more how-to guides, detailed release notes, and additional resources on the Deep Learning Base AMI:



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