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OpenVPN Tunnel Server with user management Web Panel

OpenVPN Tunnel Server with user management Web Panel

By: ADEO Imaging Latest Version:

Product Overview

This server is based on OpenVPN open-source project and designed to provide the secure internet access for computers and mobile devices on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. OpenVPN technology uses a custom OpenSSL security protocol, providing encryption similar to that on HTTPS sites. This OpenVPN Server allows peers to authenticate each other using certificates and username/password. To create a VPN connection, you will need to install OpenVPN client application to the client side. High server efficiency allows using it even on low-performance machines, that may reduce the costs. You can choose a simple instance type like t3.micro, t3.small, t3.medium etc.

The server has no limit on the number of users. It is recommended to determine the number of VPN users based on the server capacity and the real load on the server.

Areas of use:
- OpenVPN server can be used to provide the secure internet access for computers and mobile devices.
- It provides internet access in countries where the authorities restrict the Internet.

The key features of the OpenVPN Tunnel Server:
- Easy-to-use. After launching, the OpenVPN server is immediately fully operational. No server setup required.
- Ports: 443 TCP, 1194 UDP.
- Authentication with certificates (config .ovpn file for clients) + username/password.
- Certificates and client configuration files (.ovpn) are automatically generated at the first start of this server. If needed, the certificates can be reissued.
- 256-bit OpenSSL encryption.
- Speed. Optimal server configuration provides the highest possible data transfer rate.
- User Management Web Panel. You can add, delete or edit user records.
- Authentication process uses MySQL so user management can be customized.
- Blocking resistance: 443 port which can be used for OpenVPN tunnel can not be blocked.


Operating System

Linux/Unix, Debian 9.0

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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