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By: Knowledge Management Technology Latest Version: for AWS S3 and AI Projects

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview


Popular email tools such as Gmail, Outlook and others are routinely scanned by Artificial Intelligence tools possessed by Google and Microsoft for A.I. training. Also, content shared through these services can be forwarded to anyone. Content repos such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive store your organization's content on servers outside of your control. on AWS is the only completely secure content storage and sharing system in that all content resides entirely on servers and storage services that you control. Even AWS cannot access your content without being provided access by you. Content shared through requires authentication, downloads can be restricted and every content-view is tracked and logged to a specific user automatically. This makes the most secure content storage and sharing system available on the market.


Launch on AWS as a multi-tenant training, onboarding and knowledgebase portal platform for teams, projects, programs, products and customers.

Our clients help their clients while increasing revenue by leveraging to provide specific teams, projects, programs, products and customer groups secure onboarding, training and knowledgebase portals with critical content (such as weekly dashboards for leadership stakeholders) or select content curated from larger knowledgebases, such as Confluence, for specific roles and groups, organized into courses with assignment and tracking tools.

Includes additional, code-free, integrations to, Docusign, FTP, Stripe, specific S3 buckets, Veeva Vault and other tools. Use this to build customized portals with eSignature features, S3 routing, task assignment, CRM engagement tracking and other solutions.

SALESFORCE.COM INTEGRATED SALES & MARKETING PRESENTATIONS on AWS provides the tools to deliver and share multi-media presentations with a code-free integrated app to automate contact creation and gather data on each step of the customer journey.

FOR AWS AI | ML SERVICES SOLUTIONS provides Content, User and Context Management for AWS AI Services through an AWS Native Training and KnowledgeBase Platform. Launch discrete portals connecting your organization's content, data and objects to AWS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools such as Sagemaker, Kendra, Lex, Forecast, Transcribe, Rekognition, Translate, HealthLake and others.

With the growth of Generative AI tools such as Chat GPT and the growing AWS AI | ML suite, the barrier to entry for most organizations involves deploying the necessary infrastructure to efficiently organize content, users and context for their projects and to incorporate their business knowledge into large language models (LLMs) to deliver accurate and relevant responses. provides a rapid-deployment platform to meet these needs, in addition to our managed cloud verticals.

A.I. Project Use Cases:

  • Destroy Data Silos while maintaining data integrity and security using and AWS Kendra as an enterprise search engine
  • Gather conversational text on specific content for chatbots with AWS Lex
  • Create Unlimited, CRM Integrated, Training and Knowledge Bases for Product Led Growth and generate customer journey analytics
  • Create Onboarding Programs at All Levels from the Organization to Teams and Roles
  • Automate data collection to AWS S3 buckets for Sagemaker based analytics

AS AN AWS S3 INTERFACE began in 2018 as a simple interface for managing users and giving them access to AWS S3 buckets to collect and view content and it's still used by many organizations for that purpose.


Launch from AWS Marketplace -

Launch a Portal for a Product Based Customer Onboarding Program -

Connect the Onboarding Portal to Salesforce or Other CRM -

Add Content for a Product Led Onboarding Program -

Build the Onboarding Program, Create Enrollment Page and Set Email Text -

Product Led Customer Onboarding with CRM Integration - End to End Demo -

Version for AWS S3 and AI Projects

Operating System

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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