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Modern businesses demand secure access to their systems, be that from the corporate office or from remote locations to enable work from home scenarios. It can be complex and time-consuming for your team to deliver these solutions, and learning how to secure and manage multiple devices and endpoints can take time, leaving your organization vulnerable. WOLK’s Secure Modern Workplace solution provides a Well-Architected and managed deployment of Amazon WorkSpaces, giving you the peace of mind to stay secure, and run your business. WOLK’s Secure Modern Workplace is a proven solution trusted by household names to save money, save time, and stay safe by adhering to best practices on AWS.

A managed service designed for the needs of modern businesses, the WOLK Secure Modern Workplace solution lets you focus on delivering value to your customers, while WOLK manages your cloud infrastructure – from securing your endpoint devices (including BYOD) and data to providing a great cloud compute experience with Amazon WorkSpaces, for a truly modern workplace experience. WOLK can help you easily provision high-quality and familiar cloud desktops for your users to suit their needs, from email and web browsing, to high-performance desktops for developers and engineers, without the overhead of procurement and management.

WOLK builds your dedicated cloud environment using proven and repeatable components, adding modules to customize the environment to your specific needs. We start with a Well-Architected foundation which enforces security from the ground up, like encrypting data at rest and in transit, checking for open ports, removing the need for less secure access methods like RDP (remote desktop), VPN or SSH tunnels. A Well Architected environment with built-in guardrails that lets your team focus on your business, and not the undifferentiated heavy-lifting of managing access control, security, network configurations, support and deployment of a secure end user compute environment.

Whether you are a small business or a larger organization, the solution can be tailored for your needs. Simplify your environments with solutions and management from WOLK, with reliability and security built-in. WOLK will work with you to package Managed Services that suit your Secure Modern Workplace solution, taking care of the operational management, including backups, security, high availability, and resiliency needs.

Ensure uptime and availability with proactive monitoring and automated alerting. WOLK provide realtime dashboards so the customer is always informed and in control - keep track of your application performance and gain insight for data driven improvements over time, ensuring your cloud environment can grow optimally with your business and users’ needs.


• WOLK’s team will schedule an initial consultation to understand the current state of your IT resources, and your specific needs.

• The team will perform an AWS Well Architected Review with you, this will help us understand your business needs, identify any potential risks and improvements that might be relevant, and provide you with an on-boarding plan, tailored to your needs.

• WOLK will then on-board you to a secure, managed, Well Architected environment, including security guard-rails, and monitoring. While WOLK manages your environment, you retain complete control of your AWS account(s).

• Deploy additional modules as needed – 2 Factor Authentication / Application servers / Web servers etc.

• Depending on the engagement you will then be passed to our Managed Services team for BAU (Business as usual) support to ensure your staff get all the support they need.


• Reduce migration friction. We use a familiar environment including Windows and the Microsoft Office suite of products along with a traditional file sharing structure your staff are accustomed to. This ensures that you will have less resistance to change.

• Comply with security standards. We use Well Architected principles, ensuring that your environment is as secure as possible. Encryption by default, data encrypted in transit and at rest, no open ports and no data on endpoint devices which all leads to an increased security posture.

• Reduce operation costs. Using Amazon Workspaces allows you to use virtually any device as the endpoint device, extending the lifespan of your hardware investment and also enables you to implement a BYOD policy with confidence that all your data is kept safe and secure. Enabling staff to work from everywhere just as efficiently as if they were in the office. Remove the need for expensive connections like MPLS, VPN etc.

• Enhanced management agility. Secure access to all your company data through a single entry point. Enables the ability to terminate access to company resources immediately and definitively where immediate action is needed – staff termination, stop malicious actions etc.

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