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Diskover Community Edition 2.0

Diskover Community Edition 2.0

By: Diskover Data Latest Version: Diskover v2.0

Product Overview

Search it. Analyze it. Automate it.
Diskover is a data strategy solution for your virtual filing cabinet, giving you complete control of all your distributed digital assets, no matter where they are located; in the cloud, on-prem, and different geolocations. Our software assists individuals take control of their scattered data, as well as all types of industries scale their business, improve productivity, and lower operating costs by using the multiple features to analyze and automate the lifecycle of your projects.
Diskover offers a free Community Edition with limited features and support. We also offer annual subscription editions which include various additional core features. Furthermore, Diskover developed industry specific solutions for Media & Entertainment and Life Science, with more to come. Please visit our Solutions page ( for detailed support and features description for each edition.
From your favorite web-browser, you can view all your storage sources and their content, as Diskover connects all your distributed data. Consequently, a single search will look through all your files at once. Our software offers powerful built-in search tools which can be combined with manual queries delivering extremely precise results. You can then export, copy, and share those results in one click.
Diskover aims for maximum team collaboration, as well as individuals' autonomy and success. Our software empowers people at both ends of the technical spectrum, making it easy for everyone to search, find, investigate, and take action, therefore saving precious collective time. Diskover supports end users by providing easy access tools like several online resources, documentation, support, as well as end-user training.
Diskover is non-proprietary. We do not store your files; we simply index their metadata. Therefore, end-users have access to read-only index of files and not the files themselves. Hence, Diskover assures the safety of your source assets. Diskover can also harvests extra metadata for different types of industries, turning a complexity into an opportunity, by providing our users with deeper searches, analytics, as well as additional automated tasks.
Back ended by Elasticsearch, Diskover offers exceptional speed, reliability, flexibility, and handles massive amounts of data. Our exceptional scanning architecture allows for data to be indexed continuously and in parallel. In addition, if a user needs access to freshly onboarded data that hasn't been scanned yet, a live view of the filesystem is possible via our File Actions. Furthermore, Diskover customers using optimized cached scanning are reporting that, on average, scans take between 50% to 75% less time to build subsequent indexes; note that results may vary depending on your infrastructure and storage type.

Making instant informed decisions is critical, therefore having access to the right tools and accurate results is essential. Through several analytics and thoroughly customizable reports, Diskover provides the details you need to plan and manage your data. Further pushing the limits of data monitoring, our software provides visual detection of anomalies, as well as data growth and shrinkage. This is possible through our unique heatmap report, by comparing indexes from two different points-in-time.

Having visibility of your storage space costs is crucial to control your financials. With granular level configuration, Diskover gives you access to fully personalized reports, so you can monitor your customers, projects, and internal storage expenditures.

Boosting workflows automation to increase scalability, productivity, profitability, as well as reduce human errors is at Diskover's forefront. Being open-source, our platform allows for limitless expansion. While some plugins are designed for seamless integration with third-party platforms, Diskover includes various integrated plugins, industry specific plugins, and embraces clients deploying their own plugins to automate their specific in-house workflows.
Diskover also developed automated scheduled tasks to move data along the virtual conveyor belt, so you can safely and methodically curate your data, therefore reuse your storage space and/or facilitate assets preservation.
Data is hard. Let Diskover make it easy for you.


Diskover v2.0

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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2

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