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MDACA Digital Innovation Lab (DIGIN) provides a big data and innovations lab platform designed to leverage the power of the AWS cloud computing environment coupled with the power of the Equinix cloud adjacent technologies in support of the interconnected enterprise providing an integrated cloud and on-premises solution.

The integrated DIGIN infrastructure provides dark fiber connectivity to more than 3,000 cloud and IT service providers helping you scale with agility, launch digital services faster, and deliver a better end-user experience. This is achieved via fast and secure dedicated “on-ramps” using Equinix Fabric™ software-defined interconnections without going over the public internet in support of enterprises’ big data initiatives. The MDACA DIGIN allows you to interconnect your enterprise and partners while scaling vertically between your on-premises and cloud infrastructures, conveniently through Marketplace and listed within your AWS bill.

MDACA EQ - deployed as part of the MDACA DIGIN - provides a logical data layer and tools that integrate enterprise data across disparate systems. It manages the unified data for centralized access, allowing you to scale your on-prem workloads to the cloud at the speed of the cloud regardless of where your data is deployed and your current on-prem footprint.

  • Scale - Maximizing infrastructure agility with cloud capacity on demand. Among the key limitations of traditional on-premises infrastructure are the high costs and long lead times needed to stand up physical hardware. With the DIGIN integrated environment, teams can leverage the on-prem resources as needed and scale capacity on demand in the cloud. Through the DIGIN your virtual instances can execute in the cloud or on-prem and are connected via secure, private interconnections, allowing them to function as a logical part of one infrastructure.

  • Flexibility - Controlled AWS (Commercial and GovCloud) and on-prem Equinix spaces with more latitude to support research/development and proof of concept initiatives, aiding in speediness of delivery. DIGIN allows the quick standup of applications/solutions for validation and certifications that can be isolated from other infrastructure and provides the controls and security measures needed to meet critical mission needs.

  • Keeping Data Private and Secure - Only data that needs to be moved to support a particular workload will be moved; any data that needs to be shared is done over private, secure interconnection without going over the public internet.

  • Cost Management - Cost management is a key component of managing the success of efforts that need to execute within given budgets. Having the ability to execute long running jobs and continuous jobs on fixed cost hardware while having the ability to failover to the cloud for project continuity plays a major role in cost management and savings on a given effort.

  • Cyber Security - The MDACA DIGIN Equinix component is not exposed to the public internet. Access to the DIGIN public internet is fully managed and secured through the AWS cloud interface.

  • Onboarding - New staff can start adding value from day one to support training, productivity, and contributions of new staff. Controlled environment with appropriate, access can be quickly created to support staff on-boarding and training.

  • Project Delivery/Rationalization - Kickstart execution and start discovery/development of projects early to meet critical timelines. Projects can leverage synthetic data and environments with capabilities and tools needed to start projects early.

  • Technology and Cyber Security Assessment - Leverage the DIGIN to accelerate innovation and collaboration with third-party vendors to include evaluation of Open Source products. DIGIN can also be leveraged to perform initial cyber security assessments before introducing new products into the enterprise ecosystem.

  • Big Data Interconnected Digital Lab - Through your AWS-based environment, utilize private secure connectivity (dark fiber) to data/solutions deployed across other cloud providers such as Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle, SalesForce, and others. Additionally, connect with data centers deployed worldwide, leveraging the Equinix infrastructure as well as last mile connectivity options from Equinix and the MDACA Big Data Platform.

  • Infrastructure Resilience - Take advantage of third party solutions and technologies designed to be deployed on-prem or in the cloud as part of your enterprise solution.

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