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Starburst Enterprise for EKS PayGo

Starburst Enterprise for EKS PayGo

By: Starburst Latest Version: Starburst Enterprise 443-e.1

Product Overview

Starburst Enterprise is a fast, scalable, distributed MPP SQL engine. Architected for separation of storage and compute, Starburst Enterprise is cloud native and can query data in S3, Hadoop, SQL and NoSQL databases, and other data sources. This offering is maintained by Starburst, the leading contributors to Trino, formerly Presto® SQL and optimized to be deployed via Kubernetes. In addition to all capabilities of the open source Trino, Starburst Enterprise includes additional security and performance features - more connectors, parallelism, pushdown, a cost-based query optimizer, an intuitive web interface, caching, accelerated Parquet reader, support for running additional deployment platforms, and much more. Additional or improved connectors include:

  • Starburst DB2 connector
  • Starburst JDBC connector
  • Starburst Hive connector and extensions
  • Starburst Delta Lake connector
  • Starburst Kafka connector
  • Starburst MySQL connector
  • Starburst Oracle connector
  • Starburst PostgreSQL connector
  • Starburst Redshift connector
  • Starburst Salesforce connector
  • Starburst Snowflake connector
  • Starburst SQL Server connector
  • Starburst Stargate connector (add-on)
  • Starburst Synapse connector
  • Starburst Teradata connector

Other features:
  • Starburst Insights monitoring dashboards
  • Query editor
  • Event logger
  • Query audit
  • Dynamic filtering
  • Starburst Cached Views
  • Okta authentication
  • Role Based Access Control
  • System Level Security with Apache Ranger
  • Hive Level Security with Apache Ranger
  • Hive Level Security with Apache Sentry

Please see the usage instructions provided by Starburst for the most efficient way to deploy SEP on EKS.


Starburst Enterprise 443-e.1

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Delivery Methods

  • Helm chart

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