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OpenAI GPT-4 & Llama 2 SaaS Solution Saas Tools ChatGPT Plus internet with EdgeReady Cloud for your website and create Unlimited ChatGPT Plus users, Easy to deploy on AWS, Azure, On-promise.

Saas Solution for your favorite ML-models to store, index and search vector embeddings.

Like ChatGPT Plus but with those integrated plugins:

1- Internet access (browsing Integration). 2- AI image generation (Dall-E integrated ). 3- Not limited to 2021, integrates with Google Search to create content with the latest information. 4- LangChain and Vector DB solution integrated allow you to trainML-models in your data, upload knawladge base , audio videos , doc , csv , pdf, presentations, URLs. 5- Audio/Video (Whisper integration)Generate and extract / summaries for YouTube Videos , Audio files, interviews, TV programs quickly and easily with our Reliable ChatBot Summaries Generator. This also allows users to send Team/Google meeting recordings and summarize it. 6- Designed to save your orgnization time and effort by making working with Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the web more productive.

Build your Chatbot enabled with AI, We help you build AI Chatbots 10x faster Our innovative AI Chatbots enables you to create custom chatbots that can access all your information sources, including Notion and Google Drive and can create new knowledge Databases. With the freedom to select from AI models such as OpenAI GPT4 or Llama 2, you can fully tailor the chatbot experience to suit your unique requirements.

Premium AIs for business teams with any LLMs like GPT-4 Private and secure, Productivity, collaboration, and analytics for AI.

Llama 2 - GPT-4 and LangChain and Vector DB solution: Our ChatGPT Plus alternative is a cutting-edge solution that makes the most out of the latest AI technologies. It features an impressive combination of GPT-4 and LangChain, and Vector Database, providing you with a unique ability to train chatgpt on your data and create a personalized ChatGPT chatbot for multiple large Doc, csv, Audio,video,PDF files.

MERN Stack MongoDB, supabase,LangChain, Python, ExpressJS, ReactJS , NodeJS Built on top of OpenAI API, Google authentication, and compatible with on-premise, AWS, Azure, or other cloud hosting options Launch and run a highly available, our OpenAI SaaS Platform application on AWS with CloudFormation. . Integrated Payment Solutions and Usage Controls. . Custom Domain Integration: Offer an option for customers to use their custom domain (e.g., for your solution. . Full control and privacy of data, with reporting on user performance and time-saving metrics. . Unlimited users and centralized login integrated with Google login AD and MongoDB. . Customizable Prompt Interfacing Templates with a user-friendly interface. . ChatGPT Desktop Application (Mac, Windows and Linux) . Chrome Extension Integrated with Saas ChatGPT for Google and Gmail.

No-Code Tools for Large Language Models (LLMs) AI for any Use Case . Unlock the Potential of AI with Embrace the convenience of a no-code tool that empowers you to design, test, and launch AI workflows utilizing models like ChatGPT. With, your team has the flexibility to create an array of applications, tailored to meet various needs

Build an AI for Your Product in Minutes

Start Building Chatbots with Preconfigured Templates FlowChat templates, covering the most common use cases for chatbot creation. It's like having the blueprint ready for you - all you need to do is customize it, No matter what your industry, A user-friendly platform helps teams across various industries seamlessly integrate essential components like Large Language Models (LLMs), Vector Databases, Tools, and Data Loaders. Whether it's automating customer support, document processing, sales lead qualification, or comprehensive searches through extensive data libraries, it's all simplified.

like assembling Legos for AI More informtion : Explore the ChatGPT tools for free No Credit card required :

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