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Shift5 Software Starter Subscription

Shift5 Software Starter Subscription

By: Shift5 Latest Version: 1.1

Product Overview

The Shift5 Platform

Shift5 is the observability platform for onboard operational technology (OT), enabling smarter, faster decisions through real time data access, contextual insights, and actionable analytics at the edge for aerospace, rail, and defense. Created by officers who stood up U.S. Army Cyber Command and pioneered modern weapon system cyber assessments, Shift5 defends commercial and military fleets as well as weapon systems against operational failures and OT cybersecurity risks. Household name aviation companies, U.S. railroads, and fleets within the U.S. military rely on Shift5 for the security, availability, safety, resilience, and reliability of todays fleets and tomorrows next generation assets.


Cybersecurity Module
Detect, identify, and alert on anomalous activities and known threats, providing real time notifications that enable faster response and proactive mitigation of potential cybersecurity risks.

Predictive Maintenance Module
Get real time, data driven insights needed to predict and schedule maintenance effectively, helping to avoid failures before they happen and to ensure the safety and performance of critical transportation and defense fleets.

Compliance Module
Automate compliance efforts for onboard fleet data by helping to ensure that it is processed, managed, and stored in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

GPS Integrity Module
Enhances situational awareness by delivering direct, real time alerts for GPS spoofing attempts, helping facilitate more efficient and secure decision making processes.

Platform Benefits

Collect and retain every frame of onboard data created by commercial and defense fleets and weapon systems. Access, translate, analyze, contextualize, store, and action onboard operational data and insights currently obscured by complexity or design. Monitor fleet performance for patterns indicating problems and identify potential maintenance, security, or compliance actions.

Detect, identify, and alert on anomalous behavior, and enable teams to take action to mitigate cybersecurity risks. Apply rules based detection with advanced machine learning and analytics based methods to enable real time detection of threats like unauthorized software configurations and cyber anomalies in onboard networks. Conduct faster, more accurate incident response, intrusion detection, and prevention using retrospective data analysis, enabling a fuller understanding of a bad actor's tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Automate monitoring of system/component thresholds and help forecast and prevent equipment failure. Help ensure the safety of crew, passengers, and cargo, prevent legal liabilities, and avoid penalties by identifying and prioritizing potential safety hazards.

Reduce the risk of component failures and help improve the safety and security of passengers, personnel, and cargo. Ensure consistent and predictable asset operation, decreasing delays and enabling smooth, efficient operations. Increase asset availability by using data driven analytics to optimize maintenance schedules.

Decision Intelligence
Transform onboard data into continually improving decision intelligence with contextual insights and actionable analytics at the edge that enable predictive and retrospective analysis. Identify events that may be leading indicators of an equipment failure or cyber threat. Reduce decision latency with real time cybersecurity, maintenance, and compliance dashboards. Make critical mission and business decisions with clarity and context based on real time data across every asset and every fleet.

Make smarter decisions, faster. Reduce unscheduled maintenance and optimize fleet availability. Enable maintenance scheduling at optimal intervals to reduce downtime, improve availability, and optimize resources. Automate early warning indications to mitigate problems before they cause delays and identify resourcing needs earlier. Mitigate degraded operational environments by addressing real time fleet and weapon systems maintenance issues.

Respond quickly to evolving cyber threats and changing operational conditions, minimizing downtime and maintaining asset and fleet readiness. Help ensure assets can sustain operations safely, even in the face of potential equipment failure, cyber threats, or other disruptions. Conduct thorough risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and develop effective mitigation strategies like improved operating procedures and contingency planning.

Cost Savings
Detect and mitigate cyber threats that could degrade or severely limit the ability to maintain fleet operations. Optimize maintenance schedules to help ensure fleets and weapon systems remain in service longer and prevent costly delays and lost revenue. Extend the value of existing cyber, maintenance, and compliance solutions by enriching them with additional OT asset intelligence.





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Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 20.04

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