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pdfRest API Toolkit Self-Hosted

pdfRest API Toolkit Self-Hosted

By: pdfRest Latest Version: pdfRest API Toolkit Self-Hosted v1.13.0

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

We have updated this product with a new version that can be deployed using either AMI or CloudFormation Template. The latest version is now available here: pdfRest PDF Toolkit Self-Hosted API

pdfRest API Toolkit Self-Hosted provides developers and enterprise organizations with powerful, secure, and customizable PDF solutions that are easy to integrate into any workflow or application to support bulk, batch, and automated document processing. Maintain full control of your dedicated, self-hosted, EC2 backend, which powers a RESTful API with scalable performance to meet your needs. Built with Adobe PDF Library, the same technology that powers Adobe Acrobat, and developed by Datalogics, globally-trusted document processing experts for over 50 years, pdfRest is the gold-standard API Toolkit for high-quality PDF processing.

pdfRest API Toolkit Self-Hosted includes all of the API Tools you'll need to meet your PDF processing requirements:

  • Flatten Annotations - Flatten all annotations in a PDF to collapse their appearances into page content and make them uneditable.
  • Flatten Layers - Collapse all content from separate PDF layers onto a single layer of page content.
  • Convert to PDF/X - Convert standard PDF files to several PDF/X formats to meet prepress print requirements.
  • Watermark PDF - Apply a watermark to all pages of a PDF using either text or an image.
  • Add to PDF - Insert new content, such as an image, into a PDF on a selected page with precise positioning while preserving underlying PDF content.
  • Query PDF - Quickly return detailed information about a PDF document and its contents to assess the current state of the file and drive conditional processing.
  • Compress PDF - Minimize PDF file sizes while preserving content quality to speed up document transfers and reduce storage costs.
  • Convert to PDF - Quickly and easily convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PostScript, EPS, BMP, TIF, PNG, and JPG files to standardized PDF documents.
  • Encrypt PDF - Secure PDFs with impenetrable encryption and require a password for viewers to open encrypted documents, or change passwords and unlock documents by decrypting and removing passwords.
  • Restrict PDF - Set, change, or remove restrictions on a PDF to limit or expand the ways in which viewers can interact with the document, such as printing, editing, or extracting text and images.
  • Convert to PDF/A - Convert PDFs to standard PDF/A formats to ensure compliance and support long-term preservation of documents.
  • PDF to Images - Convert PDFs to JPGs, BMPs, PNGs, GIFs, and TIFs, accurately preserving color fidelity.
  • Merge PDFs - Combine multiple PDF documents or pages into one consolidated PDF.
  • Split PDF - Split a single PDF document into one or more PDF documents with exactly the pages you need.
  • Linearize PDF - Apply linearization to PDFs to support a quick online viewing experience with Fast Web View.
  • Flatten Transparencies - Flatten all transparent objects in a PDF to increase RIP speed in a prepress workflow and support conversion to other file formats.
  • Upload PDF - Upload multiple files at once from local storage or public URL for convenient transfers prior to processing.
  • Zip Files - Zip any number of uploaded or processed files across multiple API calls into a single archived Zip file for convenient downloads.

For PDF Forms processing solutions, including forms flattening, data import, and data export, find our powerful PDF Forms Pro in the AWS Marketplace. These two services can work together to meet all of your PDF and PDF Forms processing requirements.


pdfRest API Toolkit Self-Hosted v1.13.0



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