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ThingsBoard3.5+NodeRed+Docker24.0 on Ubuntu22.04 with support by Fleximg

ThingsBoard3.5+NodeRed+Docker24.0 on Ubuntu22.04 with support by Fleximg

By: Fleximg Latest Version: Latest Version:ThingBoard3.5ce,NodeRed

Product Overview

This is a repackaged open source software product wherein additional charges apply for support and maintenance by Fleximg.
Introduction to ThingsBoard software features:
1.Device Connectivity and Management:ThingsBoard allows users to connect and manage various IoT devices, including sensors, actuators, controllers, and more. It supports multiple communication protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, enabling flexible and efficient communication between devices and the platform.
2.Data Collection and Storage:ThingsBoard can receive, process, and store data from IoT devices. This data could be sensor readings, status updates, events, etc. The platform supports large-scale data storage and management, capable of handling millions of devices and massive amounts of data.
3.Data Analysis and Processing:Users can perform various data analysis tasks on ThingsBoard, including real-time data analysis, historical data analysis, predictive analytics, and more. This helps extract useful insights and intelligence from the data collected from IoT devices.
4.Dashboards and Visualization:ThingsBoard provides powerful dashboard and visualization tools, allowing users to create custom dashboards as per their requirements to visualize IoT device data in an intuitive and clear manner. This aids in real-time monitoring of device status and trends.
5.Rules Engine and Automation:The platform is equipped with a rules engine that allows users to define rules and trigger conditions, enabling automation of device control, alert notifications, and other operations. This reduces the need for manual intervention and enhances system intelligence and efficiency.
6.Security and Access Control:ThingsBoard prioritizes security and offers robust authentication, access control, and data encryption mechanisms to ensure the security and confidentiality of devices and data.Product feature description of Node-RED:
1.Flow-Based Programming:Node-RED adopts a flow-based programming paradigm, enabling users to design data processing flows by dragging, connecting, and configuring various reusable nodes. These nodes represent different steps and functionalities in data processing, such as input, output, transformation, filtering, calculation, and more.
2.Node Library:Node-RED has an extensive node library, including numerous pre-built nodes covering various devices, protocols, services, and data processing functionalities. Users can select and integrate these nodes based on their needs to quickly construct complex data flow processing flows.
3.Connectivity to Diverse Data Sources:Users can easily connect to various data sources, including IoT devices, sensors, databases, APIs, message queues, and more, to use this data in processing, analysis, and visualization within the data flow.
4.Flexible Data Processing:Node-RED supports real-time data processing, transformation, and analysis. Users can utilize various nodes to perform specific data processing tasks such as data cleaning, format conversion, computation, aggregation, and more.
5.Visualization Tools:Node-RED provides intuitive and user-friendly visualization tools, including a flow editor and node configuration interface. This enables users to quickly understand and edit data flows, as well as configure and customize nodes.
6.Ease of Extension and Customization:Users can create custom nodes or leverage community-provided nodes to extend the functionality of Node-RED. This extensibility allows Node-RED to meet various domain-specific data processing needs.
7.Suitable for IoT and Automation:Node-RED is widely used in the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation domains, assisting users in effortlessly building IoT solutions, automation processes, and real-time data processing applications.
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Latest Version:ThingBoard3.5ce,NodeRed



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 22.04

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