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NGINX Plus with NGINX App Protect DoS Developer - Ubuntu 22.04

NGINX Plus with NGINX App Protect DoS Developer - Ubuntu 22.04

By: NGINX, Inc. Latest Version: 1.2

Product Overview

Simplify your stack and deliver consistent high-performance apps and APIs reliably, securely and at scale with NGINX Plus and NGINX App Protect DoS, the all in one, lightweight, load balancer, reverse proxy, and API gateway with Layer 7 DoS protection. Get your free 30-day trial today!

NGINX Plus can operate as a standalone solution or can be integrated with AWS services - such as existing load balancing solutions, Auto Scaling groups, and AWS Lambda - to reduce your application delivery and management costs. NGINX Plus provides enterprise-grade features such as session persistence configuration via API, and active health checks so that you can add advanced application load balancing, monitoring, and management to your AWS application stack.

Protecting your web applications is easy using NGINX App Protect DoS, a lightweight, modern application and API software security solution that seamlessly integrates security policies into DevOps environments to enable security as code as a Layer 7 Denial of Service (DoS) defense. NGINX App Protect DoS runs on all platforms, architectures, and AWS hybrid environments while delivering consistent performance and protection across your entire infrastructure. It can be deployed in a variety of locations to protect your cloud-native apps which include at the Edge as a load balancer, reverse proxy, or embedded on the API gateway to reduce complexity, TCO, manual oversight and tool sprawl. It can provide detailed observability and insights via security log integration with external SIEM tools. NGINX App Protect DoS enables scalable DoS/DDoS protection for web applications, microservices, cloud-native apps, and APIs that run natively on NGINX Plus to deliver strong security, high-performance and low latency across your AWS hybrid environments.

NGINX App Protect Denial of Service (DoS) is a dynamic software security module that uses eBPF with XDP technology to accelerate mitigation of app and API DoS/DDoS attacks at Layer 7. NGINX App Protect DoS is easy to implement, requiring minimal setup and configuration to get started, and can also be used as a stand-alone security solution and operate without the installation of NGINX App Protect WAF. Designed to defend traditional HTTP/HTTPS and modern HTTP/2 applications, like gRPC and WebSocket, against even the most sophisticated DoS/DDoS attacks that include GET and POST flood attacks, Slowloris, Slow read, Slow POST, NAT evasion attacks and targeted SSL/TLS attacks.

NGINX App Protect DoS establishes a baseline for normal traffic patterns using machine learning based algorithms and analysis of over 300 metrics related to client behavior and application/API health, to significantly reduce false positives. It constructs and deploys dynamic signatures to mitigate attacks automatically, then continuously measures mitigation effectiveness and adapts to changing behavior or health conditions. Attack details are shared among multiple NGINX Plus instances to help mitigate potential future attacks even if only one instance was attacked. NGINX App Protect DoS adaptive learning allows for no-touch policy configuration and delivers consistent DoS/DDoS protection to ensure zero-day protection. NGINX App Protect DoS provides a configurable, robust, multi-layered defense to deliver the best strategy to mitigate attacks per individual application. This includes blocking IP addresses of bad actors, blocking bad requests with attack signatures, and applying global rate limiting as needed.

NGINX App Protect DoS security solution helps SecOps and DevOps teams work together in migrating towards a shift left or DevSecOps strategy by facilitating security as code for consistent app security automation. This lightweight software package provides a continuous feedback loop for threat mitigation effectiveness, enabling developer agility and empowering organizations to bring applications to market at speed without compromising on security.



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Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 22.04

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