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VM-Series Virtual NextGen Firewall w/ Threat Prevention - Bundle1 AWS

VM-Series Virtual NextGen Firewall w/ Threat Prevention - Bundle1 AWS

By: Palo Alto Networks Latest Version: PAN-OS 10.2.4

Product Overview

Over 10,000 customers trust VM-Series Virtual Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) by Palo Alto Networks to implement Zero Trust in their virtual networks and cloud infrastructure.

  • Protect business critical data with VM-Series virtual firewalls enabling you to have complete application layer-7 visibility and control of your traffic in your AWS environment.
  • Simplify policy definition that dynamically applies to your cloud assets based on AWS tags.
  • Centralized management support via Panorama™ to deploy, monitor,
    configure, and automate security management of VM-Series virtual firewall and
    maintain consistent security policies across your hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments.

Take advantage the Threat Prevention security services that is available with this product listing:
Safeguard your network from known threats, such as exploits, malware, spyware, and command and control attacks, with market-leading, researcher-grade signatures that do not compromise performance.

Customers deploy VM-Series virtual firewalls on AWS to protect their application VPCs, sensitive cloud data, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments, mobile users, and remote networks.

*** Secure Outbound Traffic:** With our URL Filtering capabilities to ensure your applications and users connect to legitimate web-based services, while stopping highly evasive phishing attacks, ransomware and other web-based attacks through the use of inline deep learning.

*** Secure inbound traffic:** by stopping highly evasive command-and-control attacks. You will be able to block previously unseen, targeted malware and advanced persistent threats, keeping your organization protected.

*** Stop lateral movement of attacks between application VPCs and microsegments:** Do not let cyber threats move laterally across your AWS environments and steal your sensitive data.

*** Secure VDI and remote user traffic:** Mitigate the security risk to your infrastructure from mobile users by inspecting ingress and egress flows with a firewall inline. Keeping your cloud deployments secure and preventing spread of malware across boundaries.

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PAN-OS 10.2.4

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