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Tetrate Enterprise Envoy Gateway (TEG)

Tetrate Enterprise Envoy Gateway (TEG)

By: Tetrate Io Latest Version: v0.1.1

Product Overview

Simplify ingress and expose your applications with Envoy, the cloud native load balancer. Envoy Gateway, a sub-project of the CNCF Graduated Envoy project which was chartered by Tetrate, combines the power of Envoy with the simplicity of the Kubernetes Gateway API to bring an advanced and featureful application layer ingress proxy and lightweight API Gateway. The goal of Tetrate in chartering the Envoy Gateway project was to commoditize layer seven load balancing, ingress, and security features we think are a baseline part of building cloud native applications. Tetrate Enterprise Envoy Gateway (TEG) fulfills this vision by wrapping pure upstream Envoy Gateway and filling in the gaps to make it easy to use in an enterprise setting.

Designed for at-scale, highly-dynamic operations, TEG presents the benefits of Envoy Gateway in an easy-to-use package with out of the box support for OIDC & OAuth2 authentication as well as (global) rate limiting. It enables application teams to work faster and more efficiently, empowering platform operators to set-up shared ingress and/or ingress-per-application topologies. TEG supports a variety of tenancy models, from a single shared gateway for the entire cluster to isolated ingresses for every team, and any setup in between. TEG can be used by anyone from individual teams shipping functionality to entire organizations looking to adopt a consistent cloud native ingress policy, with a simple flat pricing model that will not bite you as you grow.

TEG is a new and fast-developing product. In future releases we plan to build out support for multi-cluster deployments as well as AWS-native integrations, like making it simple to expose and consume Lattice services with TEG. If these or other ideas are interesting, reach out to our team about becoming a build and design partner.

Tetrate Enterprise Envoy Gateway is a great fit for:

  • Connecting your infrastructure. Position ingress gateways for your services to define their entry points, and control and secure ingress traffic. Choose shared ingress and/or ingress-per-application depending on your failure isolation requirements.
  • Creating a resilient platform. Adding rate limits, circuit breakers, outlier detection per application needs.
  • Modernizing in place. Migrate from Monoliths to Microservices using fine-grained application level traffic control.
  • Deploy safely, confidently, and quickly. Deploy and upgrade applications safely using per-request traffic control to canary or blue/green deploy new application versions. We have seen teams release at 20x higher cadence as a result of confidence due to the per-request controls TEG brings.
  • Replace your default ingress. Get better control and visibility on your traffic using modern cloud native friendly observability stacks.

We built Envoy Gateway to commoditize this space, and TEG is priced as a commodity: around $5,000 per cluster per year, regardless of the number of Envoy instances you run or the volume of traffic you are serving. Grow with confidence you will not pay for it later!



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