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Ddosify Performance Testing Community Edition

Ddosify Performance Testing Community Edition

By: Ddosify Latest Version: 0.0.1-78c698c

Product Overview

Ddosify Performance Testing Community Edition is a versatile, high-performance testing tool designed for both public and private endpoints within your infrastructure. It is self-hosted, providing complete control over your testing environment, seamlessly integrating with AWS for an optimal blend of scalability and security. Its strength lies in its roots, built upon a robust open-source load engine that you can explore at

Key Features:

  1. High-performance Load Generation: With Ddosify, you can simulate realistic application traffic scenarios thanks to the open-source Ddosify Engine ( This feature allows you to stress-test your system under high load, helping identify bottlenecks and ensure your services can handle peak usage times.
  2. Test Scenario Creation: Ddosify lets you construct tailored testing scenarios that simulate user behavior on your platform. This allows for a more accurate assessment of system performance and better-informed strategies for improvement.
  3. Assertion, Correlation, Test Data, Debugging: Ddosify equips you with extensive test verification and data manipulation features. Assertions help validate responses, correlation enables variable extraction, and you can import test data (CSV) and use the columns in your scenario simulation. Ddosify's powerful debug feature allows you to test the scenario quickly before starting the performance test.
  4. Distributed Load: Ddosify's distributed load testing capability lets you scale your tests across multiple machines, accurately depicting your application's behavior under varying loads. It helps ensure your services remain reliable and responsive under different traffic conditions. You can spin up EC2 instances in any AWS region and connect these instances as load engines to the Ddosify Platform.
  5. No-code UI: Even without coding expertise, Ddosify's web-based, no-code UI makes it easy to set up and run complex performance tests. It simplifies the process of defining test parameters and allows users of all skill levels to conduct comprehensive performance testing.
  6. Insightful Test Reports: Ddosify provides detailed test reports with easy-to-understand charts and metrics, giving you deep insights into your application's performance. These reports help you identify potential areas of improvement, ensuring your services meet user expectations.
  7. Postman Import: Streamline your workflow by importing your Postman collections directly into Ddosify. This feature allows for easy transfer of API endpoints, saving time and ensuring consistency between your API testing and performance testing environments.

From carefully creating test scenarios to in-depth performance reports, Ddosify offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower your testing capabilities. Improve your system resilience and performance with the Ddosify Performance Testing Community Edition, where simplicity meets customization.





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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux AMI 2023.1.20230725.

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