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MapServer (MS4W) - Mapping Engine for Windows 2016

MapServer (MS4W) - Mapping Engine for Windows 2016

By: Tidal Media Inc Latest Version: 1.0.8

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What's Included

Note: Always ensure your operating system is current for your needs.

This product includes both of the software packages described below:

MapServer (MS4W) - Mapping Engine for Windows 2016

MS4W is the quick and easy installer for setting up MapServer For Windows and its accompanying applications (e.g. GeoMoose, Mapbender, OpenLayers, etc.).

This image provides both novice and advanced MapServer users to quickly install a MapServer development environment on their Windows systems.

In its most basic form, MapServer is a CGI program that sits inactive on your Web server. When a request is sent to MapServer, it uses information passed in the request URL and the Mapfile to create an image of the requested map. The request may also return images for legends, scale bars, reference maps, and values passed as CGI variables.

MS4W features:

Apache HTTP Server version 2.4.43
PHP version 7.2.31
MapServer CGI 7.7.0-dev
MapScript 7.7.0-dev (PHP, Python, Java, CSharp)
MapCache 1.11dev (with GDAL support)
Mapbox Vector Tile output & demo
Python 3.7.8 embedded
mod_wsgi Apache module
pycsw Catalogue server
TinyOWS 1.1.1 (WFS-Transaction) and demo
GDAL/OGR 2.4.4 and commandline utilities
Includes support for Oracle data (if you have associated client/dlls)
MrSID support built-in
MapServer, Spatialite/OSM, osm2pgsql commandline utilities
PDAL Point cloud tools
H264 Apache Streaming Module
PROJ, Shapelib, Shp2tile, Shpdiff, AVCE00, Unix commandline utilities
OWTChart 1.2.0
OGR/PHP extension

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Windows, Windows Server 2016 Base Windows 2016

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