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ParaTools Pro for E4S™: AI/ML & HPC Tools on ParallelCluster (arm64)

ParaTools Pro for E4S™: AI/ML & HPC Tools on ParallelCluster (arm64)

By: ParaTools Inc. Latest Version: v2024.05.16.1748-pcluster-3.9.1-e4s-24.05-arm64

Product Overview

E4S Pro1 - the Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack E4S2 hardened for commercial clouds and supported by ParaTools, Inc. provides a platform for developing and deploying HPC and AI/ML applications. It features a performant remote desktop environment (based on DCV) on the login node and compute nodes interconnected by a low-latency, high bandwidth network adapter based on AWS Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA). E4S Pro features a suite of over 100 HPC tools built using the Spack3 package manager and the proprietary MVAPICH MPI tuned for EFA. It features ready to use HPC applications (such as OpenFOAM, LAMMPS, Xyce, Quantum Espresso) as well as AI/ML tools based on Python (such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, JAX, Horovod, Keras, OpenCV, matplotlib and supports Jupyter notebooks). New packages can be easily installed using Spack and pip and are accessible on the cluster compute and login nodes. It may be used for developing the next generation of generative AI applications using a suite of Python tools and interfaces.

E4S has built a unified computing environment for deployment of open-source projects. It is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy's SBIR program. E4S was originally developed to provide a common software environment for the exascale leadership computing systems currently being deployed at DOE National Laboratories across the U.S. Support for E4S Pro is available through ParaTools, Inc. This product has additional charges associated with it for optional product support and updates.

Note: This product contains repackaged and tuned open source software (e.g., E4S, Spack and AI/ML tools like Horovod, JAX, Keras etc.) which is configured and linked against a proprietary MVAPICH MPI implementation specifically developed and tuned for EFA.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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