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KUSANAGI for AWS Premium Edition

KUSANAGI for AWS Premium Edition

By: Prime Strategy Latest Version: 8.7.2311

Product Overview

Important notice

KUSANAGI 8 based on CentOS 7 is planned to be delisted from the marketplace by the end of August 2024, as CentOS 7 will no longer be supported by the community by June 30, 2024.
As for the KUSANAGI 8 instances that have already been deployed, there will be no impact from the cloud side after the end of the availability, and our KUSANAGI RPM repository will remain for the time being, so they can continue to be used as is.
However, CentOS 7 will not be supported by the community after June 30, 2024, and we will not update the KUSANAGI RPM repository after KUSANAGI 8 reaches its end of life.
Therefore, from a security perspective, please consider migrating to KUSANAGI 9 on AlmaLinux OS 8 or other OS* as soon as possible.

*Migration to
  • KUSANAGI 9 on AlmaLinux OS 8
  • KUSANAGI 9 on AlmaLinux OS 9

How to check and migrate KUSANAGI 8

You can check whether your KUSANAGI is KUSANAGI 8 with the following command.

# kusanagi status

For KUSANAGI 8 (* version numbers may vary):
KUSANAGI Version 8.7.13-1

For KUSANAGI 9 (* version numbers may vary):
KUSANAGI Version 9.4.14-1.el8

For migration, you can use the kusanagi migrate command to migrate to KUSANAGI 9.
For migration procedures using the kusanagi migrate command, see the following article.

End of support for CentOS 7

For information on the end of support for CentOS 7, see below.

Product features

KUSANAGI is an ultra-fast virtual machine that runs CMS fast and securely. It can build an environment of your choice of middleware, including a combination of stable version and the latest version.

KUSANAGI for AWS Premium Edition is a paid version of KUSANAGI for AWS, and is the only edition that includes WEXAL® Page Speed Technology.

WEXAL® Page Speed Technology is an engine that boosts page loading speed and improves Google PageSpeed Insights score without making any changes to web system source code. It can be activated and deactivated instantly, ensuring ease of use. Recommended for mid-to large-scale web sites, such as media sites, corporate sites and education affairs sites.

KUSANAGI for AWS Premium Edition features:
  • Improves WordPress (and other CMS) speed and stability
  • Performance guarantee for the latest WordPress
  • Update modules via repository until CentOS7 EOL
  • Compatible with newest major instance types
  • Shibboleth SP with nginx/Apache
  • Includes web page loading booster WEXAL® Page Speed Technology
  • Module updates via KUSANAGI
  • Middleware updates via KUSANAGI
  • Packaged with KUSANAGI-specific plugins
  • WordPress visual provisioning on KUSANAGI first launch
  • WordPress, concrete5, Drupal7, Drupal8 provisioning via commands
  • Provision Ruby on Rails environment via commands
  • Database-switch feature (MariaDB/PostgreSQL)
  • Japanese search feature (mroonga)
  • WAF (nginx:NAXSI Apache:ModSecurity)
  • WordPress WAF (included with KUSANAGI) signature updates
  • IDS (tripwire)
  • IDS/IPS (suricata)
  • Vulnerability scanning tool (vuls)
  • Let's Encrypt
  • SELinux compatibility
  • monit



Operating System

Linux/Unix, CentOS 7.9.2009

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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