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True Random Number Generator

By: Arbitrand Latest Version: 1.1.1

Product Overview

Generate true random numbers from within your cloud deployment.

True random numbers can help you generate secure encryption keys, run simulations without worrying about bias, and protect games and contests against cheaters.

The instance is equipped with FPGA hardware that is responsible for generating random numbers. The Arbitrand TRNG is different than most hardware random number generators: our individual entropy sources generate numbers with nearly full entropy, and we combine the outputs of hundreds of entropy sources to create a high-throughput full-entropy bitstream for your use.

The resulting bitstream passes the most stringent randomness tests available today: our qualification process involves testing over 100 TB of random numbers from many different FPGA devices with BigCrush from TestU01 and the PractRand test suite (up to 16 TB). This lets us ensure that our FPGA image will generate full entropy regardless of operating conditions.

Most true random number generators use cryptographic post-processing in order to achieve full entropy. This can result in losses of entropy if keys are compromised or encryption protocols are broken. Like a quantum TRNG, the Arbitrand TRNG does not need cryptographic post-processing for quality, and does not use it.

The AMI provides an open-source server that makes entropy available remotely using HTTP and HTTPS (if you provide certificates), and provides a high-throughput TCP protocol for heavy users. Entropy is available locally through Linux file descriptors.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 5.10

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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