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Kalele XOOM Cloud

By: Kalele Latest Version: 1.11.0

Product Overview

Strategic digital transformation initiatives execute too slowly and regularly overrun budgets. Event-driven architectures are often wrong and cause organizational pain. Architects and engineers want to experience successes with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and supporting tools.

The Kalele XOOM Cloud is the platform and SDK that clear a path for success in transformative, domain-driven strategies, while employing microservices and event-driven architectures along with cloud infrastructure. Our tooling and runtime are ideal for organizations that want business-driven innovation with high performance responsiveness at elastic scale, and resilience to failure using bulkheading and fast recovery. Our APIs are fluent and our guidance enables teams to achieve domain-driven success by facilitating sturdy, yet flexible, communication structures that blend business visionaries, domain experts, and software architects and engineers. The Kalele XOOM Designer supports driving innovation by means of discovery-based, rapid learning tools, such as EventStorming, into bug-free microservices in record time.

Our platform and SDK include everything you need to support distributed process choreography and orchestration by way of its coordination components, including type- and version-safe broadcasting of events and sending messages directly with peer-to-peer. You can use object-oriented database mapping, key-value full-state persistence, and event sourcing as needed. Develop use-case-optimal queries by means of the command-query responsibility segregation (CQRS) pattern, while separating database writes and reads for different scales. Use our data grid to distribute shared data across a large cluster of compute nodes to keep frequently consumed data near the software operations that consume it. It's all provided through our simple yet powerful and modern SDK.

The full platform is made available as open source software (OSS) that is free to use and open for community contributions. Learn how to rapidly design architecture and bug-free microservices for cloud deployment for hassle-free application and systems runtime management. Give it a try and pay as you go. Top-tier consulting services and development are available from our team of experts.

To reach us for a discussion of how the Kalele XOOM Cloud platform and SDK can help you, you may contact us here:





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