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Network Traffic Analytics Cloud

Network Traffic Analytics Cloud

By: Prilink Inc. Latest Version: 1.0.3

Product Overview

As cloud computing built on top of network layer, Network Traffic Analytics (NTA) is essential to manage network performance and security.

Getting NTA is simple. All it takes is a few minutes to launch t-meter AMI from marketplace and setup AWS Traffic Mirroring by following the steps in

Similar to gas and water utility meters, t-meter (traffic meter) measures bandwidth utilization but offers more to manage cloud traffic. It tracks the traffic of all IP and SIP endpoints in real-time and transfers compact NTA metadata to your PC without consuming high bandwidth and expensive buffers. More than year-round traffic recording at low cost, t-meter analyzes network connectivity qualities, such as TCP window size, IP packet sequence, RTP packet loss, SIP call blockage, and MOS score for PCM voice. For ultimate troubleshooting experiences, you can capture IP packets from t-meter to your PC during peak hours without compromising EC2 performance.

Our user interface (UI) is intuitive and composed of t-console and t-dashboard. t-console is a self installed Windows application that provides granular traffic insights throughout the day, daily traffic reports, metadata export to S3 and XLS and real-time network troubleshooting. t-dashboard is a front-line view of EC2 traffic that differentiates anomalies from trends at a glance. Built on AWS QuickSight, you can easily share it online with colleagues and vendors to optimize cloud computing collaboratively.

NTAC is a network DevOps tool that brings cloud traffic under your control, delivering better cloud experiences. Please contact for more details.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 20.04

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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