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Repstance Advanced Edition

By: Collabcloud Limited Latest Version: 5.2.0071

Product Overview

Repstance transforms "Complex to Simple and Difficult to Easy".
Repstance is an innovative and extremely versatile, Enterprise Class data Facilitation tool.
By "Facilitation" we mean that, by using Repstance you are able to deploy, distribute, change and use your most valuable asset - your Data - in ways that are either, not available or are cost prohibitive when compared with other solutions, as well as performing the more basic Migration and ongoing Replication functions, whether that be on your own premises or "In the Cloud".
Repstance is extremely easy to deploy and use via a simple, interactive and highly intuitive GUI but also has an interactive CLI (Command Line Interface) for those users who are more accustomed to this environment.

  1. Repstance is currently listed on the Azure platform and currently supports:
    Oracle 10G through 19C - using either LogMiner, Redo-logs or ASM as the Data Capture method. The last 2 significantly reduce any loading on an Oracle DB when it is used as the Source.
    Any version of MSSQL Server that permits the use of CDC (Change Data Capture) as Source DB's
    Oracle10G - 19C, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora (using either PostgreSQL or MySQL engines), Redshift, Snowflake and AWS S3 as Target DB's.
    Repstance is ideally suited for the following Use Case Scenarios:
    Blue/Green upgrade strategies.
    Zero Downtime Migrations and upgrades.
    Disaster Recovery and "Hot Standby" provisioning.
    Multi node, Multi Cluster for "Load Balancing provision", "High Availability" and "Always On" scenarios.
    Offloading of BI reporting functionality.
    Data Warehousing and Data Lake provisioning.
    Cross Vendor Platform redundancy.
    Plus many other Topologies and requirements.

  2. Repstance has DDL replication as part of the standard feature set out of the box, which permits it to include DDL and DML objects automatically into the replication process without needing additional user input.

  3. Repstance Capture and Apply processes are mutually independent, so that it is possible not to have target databases continuously available, as long as the Capture processes on the source database continues to be run and is generating the required Trail files.

  4. Repstance can, represent itself as an MS SQL replication Agent - which allows it to simulate SQL Server replication behaviour.

  5. Repstance can start replicating data from any desired timestamp.

  6. Repstance is possibly the fastest Replication, Migration and Deployment solution currently available.

  7. Repstance supports Multi-Master replication in all forms of topology with ability the to ignore data produced by itself (loopback control), thus providing "True" BI/Multi-Directional replication, therefore ensuring all instances are equal and continuously synchronised, any changes made in one node will be propagated (replicated) into the other nodes.




Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2018.03.0

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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