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SoftNAS BYOL - High Performance NFS/CIFS/iSCSI Cloud NAS

SoftNAS BYOL - High Performance NFS/CIFS/iSCSI Cloud NAS

By: Buurst Latest Version: SoftNAS BYOL - 5.5.2

Product Overview

SoftNAS by Buurst is a leading enterprise-level cloud NAS solution renowned for its robust capabilities in data performance, security, high availability (HA), and support for industry-leading storage protocols like NFS, CIFS/SMB-AD, and iSCSI. Notably, Buurst stands out by eliminating storage charges, enabling seamless addition of storage to an instance without incurring additional costs. Additionally, this BYOL version features custom pricing tailored on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to obtain personalized BYOL pricing, specifically crafted to meet your unique needs, along with the corresponding license key.

Ensure you meet one of the following:

  1. Have an existing SoftNAS BYOL license key.
  2. Get a SoftNAS BYOL license key by contacting
  3. Choose the non-BYOL option and a complimentary 10-day free trial of SoftNAS.

SoftNAS by Buurst surpasses traditional NAS filers, providing a software-defined solution designed for outstanding performance. Tailored to optimize cloud storage and enhance application responsiveness, SoftNAS ensures rapid data access with high IOPS, adeptly managing heavy read/write operations. Smart caching and data deduplication further enhance efficiency, while thin-provisioning allows dynamic storage scaling, preventing resource wastage. The outcome is accelerated workflows, improved user experiences, and a responsive cloud storage environment. Explore how SoftNAS can unlock the performance potential of your cloud infrastructure at

Key Performance Features:
  • Superior throughput compared to managed storage services
  • Enhanced IOPS compared to managed storage services
  • Lower latency than managed storage services

Buurst's SoftNAS guarantees robust data uptime for mission-critical applications through its Snap HA technology. This technology facilitates real-time data replication between servers, ensuring seamless failover in case of a node failure. SoftNAS ensures "five-nines" availability, safeguarding against hardware, OS, network, and storage outages, preventing costly downtime. Going beyond redundancy, SoftNAS offers active-active configurations for load balancing and enhanced performance. Flexible deployment options on public clouds and on-premise VMware environments allow tailoring high availability to specific needs. Learn more about SoftNAS's data accessibility and business continuity features at

Key High Availability Features:
  • Data Duplication across Zones
  • Cross Zone HA with Automatic Failover
  • 99.999% uptime
  • No Storage Downtime Guarantee SLA

SoftNAS supports legacy protocols, enabling businesses to benefit from modern storage solutions without sacrificing compatibility with existing infrastructure. This ensures a seamless transition to future-proof storage technologies.

Supported Legacy Protocols:

SoftNAS streamlines data migration with a focus on speed, cost efficiency, and minimal disruption. Its "Lift and Shift" technology enables continuous data transfer without downtime, keeping mission-critical applications live throughout the process. Additionally, SoftNAS optimizes storage with deduplication and compression, reducing migration costs and maximizing cloud storage efficiency. Whether migrating to the cloud, between data centers, or to remote locations, SoftNAS offers a robust and flexible solution for data migration needs.

Key Data Migration Features:
  • Point & Click File Sync
  • Lift & Shift Migration
  • Bulk block-based replication

Buurst's SoftNAS takes charge of cloud storage expenses, providing both cost management and control. Users define performance needs, and SoftNAS optimizes to ensure payment only for utilized resources. Transparent performance-level pricing allows scaling performance without impacting storage capacity, providing ultimate control over the cloud storage budget. In essence, SoftNAS serves as your financial guardian angel in the cloud, maximizing performance while minimizing unnecessary spending.

Key Cost Management Features:
  • Save 32 - 53% by reducing stored data
  • Enable Block Storage
  • Data Deduplication & Compression

SoftNAS breaks away from traditional storage pricing, charging for performance rather than capacity. Users only pay for the speed they use, avoiding wasted costs on unused data. The metered pricing structure ranges from $0.25 to $18.15 per hour, depending on the performance tier required.

Performance-Based Pricing Tiers:
  • $0.25/hr for basic General Purpose Storage workloads
  • $1.32/hr for Higher General Purpose Storage workloads
  • $3.16/hr for Memory-optimized Storage workloads
  • $8.22/hr for both Memory- and Storage-optimized workloads
  • $12.10/hr for both High-Compute- and heavy Database/Memory-optimized workloads
  • $18.15/hr for High Compute-optimized workloads; ML and AI use cases


SoftNAS BYOL - 5.5.2



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Linux/Unix, Other 8.5

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