There is no charge to use the AWS Migration Hub to collect and store discovery data in your home region, or to plan or track a migration to AWS. You pay for the cost of the migration tools you use and any resources being consumed on AWS. Refactor Spaces is an optional feature with costs associated.

Refactor Spaces Pricing (Preview)

AWS is not currently charging for the use of AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces while in preview, but you are responsible for fees incurred for other AWS Services that you use in connection with the Preview and standard pricing will apply. AWS will begin charging standard pricing for use of Refactor Spaces when generally available and no longer in preview.

With Refactor Spaces, you pay only for what you use. There are no upfront costs or minimum fees. You are charged based on the number of hours you run refactor environments and API requests to Refactor Spaces.


You can try 3 Refactor Spaces environments free for 3 months (6,480 free environment hours for 90 days). After that, the Refactor Spaces environment price is $0.028 per environment per hour ($20 per month per environment if run continuously). Metering begins once you launch your first environment in Refactor Spaces.

API Requests

You can make 500,000 free API requests to the Refactor Spaces service per month. After that, API requests to the Refactor Spaces service cost $0.000002 per request (for example, one million requests costs $1).

Provisioned Resource Pricing

You will incur charges for any AWS service provisioned by Refactor Spaces. Refactor Spaces reduces the undifferentiated work of building and operating AWS infrastructure for incremental refactoring. The Refactor Spaces environment simplifies cross-account networking and routing by orchestrating Transit Gateway, Resource Access Manager, API Gateway, Network Load Balancer, and VPCs. These resources are orchestrated inside your AWS account, so you also pay for your usage. For more details on provisioned AWS service pricing, see the pricing section of relevant AWS services:

AWS Transit Gateway pricing

Amazon API Gateway pricing

Network Load Balancer pricing

AWS Free Tier

As part of the AWS Free Tier, you can try AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces free for 3 months – up to 3 refactor environments (6,480 free environment hours for 90 days). Refactor Spaces also includes 500,000 API requests free per month forever.

AWS Migration Services Pricing

For more details on AWS service and migration tool pricing, see the pricing section of relevant AWS services:

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AWS DMS Pricing

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