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AWS Outposts: Extend the value of cloud investments on-premises

IDC deep dives into the value that AWS Outposts brings to enterprises in supporting their hybrid cloud use cases. Learn more about how Outposts works to deliver a truly consistent hybrid cloud experience and customer use cases it supports.

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AWS Outposts bring the power of Amazon Cloud on premises for the healthcare industry
Solution brief

Health care industries are looking to provide timely value based care to their patients. This solutions brief describes how AWS Outposts brings the benefits of the cloud on premises to support low latency, local data processing, and local storage requirements so healthcare companies can deliver better patient outcomes and differentiated services that set their businesses apart.

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Cisco extends enterprise-grade data center networking to AWS Outposts
Solution brief

With the addition of AWS Outposts to the AWS product offering, Cisco customers now can use Cisco’s hybrid-cloud solution to easily connect AWS Outposts instances to their existing fabrics and leverage consistent policy-driven automation to connect workloads residing on premises and/or in the AWS cloud.

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Prepare for AWS Outposts to disrupt your hybrid cloud strategy
Gartner Report

Gartner dives deep into what AWS Outposts will bring and recommends best practices to consider while planning a hybrid cloud environment through 2020. Learn how to choose among hybrid cloud offerings based on your current on-premises or cloud environment in this analyst report.

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Running AWS infrastructure on-premises with AWS Outposts
Blog post

Matt Garman, AWS VP of Compute Services, talks in detail about AWS Outposts, customer use cases & how it delivers a seamless, consistent hybrid cloud experience.

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AWS Outposts in a Juniper QFX based datacenter
Blog post

Customers can now configure their Juniper QFX switching devices to interoperate with their AWS Outposts rack for supporting their low latency, local data processing, and local data storage use cases on-premises.

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Overview videos

AWS Outposts: Ordering and installation overview (7:58)
What is an AWS Outposts Rack? (3:57)


AWS Outposts: Getting started in 3 simple steps (37:26)
Building on-premises customer solutions with AWS Outposts Partners (42:50)

re:Invent 2019

Andy Jassy Keynote at AWS re:Invent 2019 on AWS Outposts, AWS Local Zones, AWS Wavelength (22:24)
AWS re:Invent 2019 Launchpad AWS Outposts (19:55)
AWS re:Invent 2019: AWS Outposts: Extend the AWS experience to on-premises environments (59:56)
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