Reselling with the AWS Distribution Program

Grow your cloud business with an AWS Distributor

What is the AWS Distribution Program for Resellers?

The AWS Distribution Program enables AWS Partners to grow revenue opportunities by reselling AWS products and solutions. AWS Partners work with AWS Distributors to leverage their go-to-market support, offload billing and operations, receive funding benefits, and gain technical expertise.

AWS Distributors go through a rigorous review process to ensure they provide AWS-specific partner development expertise and value-added services for your business. They support a wide range of businesses including system integrators (SIs), independent software vendors (ISVs), managed service providers (MSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), digital marketing companies, hardware companies, and public sector organizations.

Discover benefits of working with an AWS Distributor, how to get started, and partner success stories below.

Why Partners Should Team Up With an AWS Distributor (1:24)

Identify an AWS Distributor in your country to help you resell.

Why Work with an AWS Distributor?

Gain go-to-market support

Receive pre-sales and post-sales support, training, marketing services, and enablement programs from your AWS Distributor to help you build and grow your AWS business.

Scale your technical expertise

Leverage AWS Distributors for their technical expertise with migrations, managed services, cloud optimization, and other complex initiatives.

Drive operational efficiency

Offload your billing and operations management to an AWS Distributor, enabling you to free up your teams to focus on positive customer experiences.

Maximize your AWS Partner experience

AWS Distributors help you progress as an AWS Partner and fully leverage all the Partner programs and benefits available to you.

Partner Testimonials

How to Get Started

Follow these steps to resell with the AWS Distribution Program. Are you a distributor? Learn more about the AWS Distribution Program for your specific needs »

Success Stories

Learn how AWS Partners are working with AWS Distributors to grow revenue opportunities.

Grow revenue opportunities with AWS Distributors

Hear from AWS Distributors talk about some of the key investments and the types of services they provide to AWS Partners.


LimonCloud engages AWS Distributor Tech Data and the AWS Distribution Program to expand reach, optimize cots, and improve services for end users.


Hiberus Tecnologia, an AWS Consulting Partner in Spain, collaborated with Tech Data to enable end customer 20 Minutos to accelerate its content delivery.


KUWAITNET accelerates growth as an AWS Partner by working with Redington Gulf and the AWS Distribution Program.