AWS Well-Architected Partner Program

Adopt AWS best practices, reduce risks, and build robust applications

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The AWS Well-Architected Partner Program helps organizations establish good architectural habits, reduce risks, and respond faster to changes that affect designs, applications, and workloads. AWS Well-Architected Partners gain expertise to build high-quality solutions, implement best practices, check the state of workloads, and make improvements to fit business and customer needs.

New to AWS Well-Architected? Learn how the AWS Well-Architected Framework helps cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructures for their applications and workloads.

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Build robust applications with AWS Well-Architected best practices (1:19)

Enrich customer relationships

Leverage AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews to identify and remove high-risk issues in workloads, enabling you to establish customer trust and drive new engagements.

Apply AWS best practices

Save time, reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and provide fact-based improvement plans to customers to track and improve workload compliance.

Increase your visibility

Utilize the AWS Partner badge in marketing collateral with the Well-Architected designation to showcase your expertise to customers, AWS teams, and partners.

Looking to mitigate risks in your workloads?

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