AWS Well-Architected Partner Program

Adopt AWS best practices, eliminate risks, and build robust applications

What is the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program?

The AWS Well-Architected Partner Program enables consulting, professional or managed services firms to establish good architectural habits, eliminate risk, and respond faster to changes that affect designs, applications, and workloads. AWS Well-Architected Partners gain expertise to build high quality solutions, implement best practices, check the state of workloads, and make improvements per your business and customer needs.

Discover the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program benefits, and how to become an AWS Well-Architected Partner.

New to Well-Architected? Learn how the AWS Well-Architected Framework helps cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications and workloads.

Build robust applications with AWS Well-Architected best practices

Are you looking to identify high risk issues in your workloads?

AWS Well-Architected Partner Program Benefits

New customer engagements

Leverage AWS Well-Architected Reviews to deliver better customer outcomes by evaluating and improving workloads.

Help customers with identifying and removing high-risk issues, enabling you to build customer trust and long-term business relationships.

Adopt AWS best practices

Adopting AWS architectural best practices enables you to save time, costs, drive efficiency and provide fact-based improvement plans to customers to track and improve workload compliance.

Applying AWS best practices to workloads leads to improved customer satisfaction and reduces customer attrition.

Increase your visibility

Gain visibility with customers, AWS field teams, and AWS Partners by being showcased across AWS webpages including the AWS Partner Solutions Finder.

Receive an AWS Well-Architected Partner Badge that can be used in joint marketing efforts to showcase your expertise in delivering AWS best practices.

AWS Well-Architected Partner Program Journey

If you haven’t already registered your company with the APN, join by creating your AWS Partner Central account at no cost.
Follow the below steps to become an AWS Well-Architected Partner and adopt AWS best practices.
  • Step 1: Meet Requirements
    • AWS Advanced and Premier Tier Consulting Partners can join the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program and adopt AWS best practices. Explore AWS Consulting Partner Requirements »
      •     Note: For NAMER and EMEA regions, AWS Select or higher tier Consulting Partners are eligible to apply for the program 
    • Identify your Practice Leads: AWS Partners must commit to having leaders within your organization to support your AWS Well-Architected practice
      • Identify one executive sponsor who is an SVP or higher and responsible for integrating Well-Architected into your business: The executive sponsor should have visibility into multiple areas of the organization and can influence adoption and change management
      • Identify minimum of two Well-Architected Leads globally: The two leads must be AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional; who will be responsible for integrating Well-Architected across sales, delivery, and MSP, and lead initiatives that deploy new workloads that are Well-Architected and/or resolve high risk issues across workloads. Well-Architected Leads are required to attend the AWS Well-Architected Partner Bootcamp
  • Step 2: Indicate Interest in Joining
    Once you have identified your Practice Leads noted in step 1, we recommend you notify your AWS Partner Development Manager (PDM), AWS Partner Solution Architect (PSA), and/or your AWS Alliance Lead to indicate your interest in joining the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program. Alternatively, you can also email us at
  • Step 3: Complete Trainings

    All AWS Partners who are interested in joining the Program must complete a series of trainings and participate in meetings in order to attend the AWS Well-Architected Bootcamp. These include:

    • Watch the AWS Well-Architected Overview webinar for Program overview, benefits, and requirements
    • Participate in the executive sponsorship call (optional): Your executive sponsor should engage with your Partner Development Manager to discuss program goals, objectives of the executive sponsor, success measurement, and to answer any questions related to the program at the business level such as integrating Well-Architected into QA, managed services, and sales
    • Watch the Sales and Operations Onboarding Webinar to learn how to integrate AWS Well-Architected into your pre and post-sales business processes
    • Attend the Technical Bootcamp: Your Well-Architected Leads are required to attend this bootcamp. Additionally, AWS Certified Solutions Architects can also attend this training
      • This bootcamp enables your team to conduct AWS Well-Architected reviews for your customers
      • The all-day bootcamp dives into how to engage with a customer, leverage AWS Well-Architected best practices, and evaluate customer's workloads
    • AWS Partners will receive all the relevant Program material you need to adopt AWS Well-Architected practices into your business
  • Step 4: Start Running Reviews

    After successful completion of the technical Bootcamp, you will be sent an email to notify your status as an AWS Well-Architected Partner.

    • AWS Partners will be ready to start conducting AWS Well-Architected Reviews and perform workload improvements for customers based on findings from the reviews
  • Step 5: Earn the AWS Well-Architected Partner Badge

    You will need to meet the below ongoing requirements on an annual basis to earn the AWS Well-Architected Partner badge. Once you meet these requirements, AWS will notify you about your status.

    • Must complete a minimum of eight workloads per half year
    • Remove a minimum of twenty four high risk issues (HRIs) per half year

    Earning the AWS Well-Architected Partner Badge enables you to showcase your expertise and drive visibility with customers with funding benefits, and listing on the AWS Partner Solutions Finder.

AWS Well-Architected Partner Success Stories

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