Arrow ECS drives Well-Architected Framework on Code Enigma Workloads

Executive Summary

As a leading builder and host of some of Europe’s busiest and most complex websites, Code Enigma wanted to improve efficiency and performance for their customers. With most of those websites running on AWS, they knew that applying AWS best practices would be key to unlocking the benefits of the cloud. 

Code Enigma worked with AWS Distribution Partner Arrow ECS to review production workloads and adjust them to optimize performance on AWS.

Meeting customer demands for a secure and optimized cloud environment

AWS Partner Code Enigma provides Drupal support, hosting and development services. Through their mission to make modern, usable, mobile-first websites that fit clients’ needs, they deliver and support accessible and robust web-based solutions on infrastructure designed for security.

For Code Enigma’s valued customers, security and cost optimization are essential concerns when designing and hosting their websites. For this reason, it is extremely important for Code Enigma to be operationally efficient and to ensure the highest security standards to help avoid breaches on their customers’ websites. Code Enigma needed to avoid any security risks and inefficiencies in their fast-growing cloud environments.

In addition to this, Code Enigma was also looking for ways to manage AWS billing, including complex discount structures, for their clients. They wanted a way to streamline this process and potentially introduce new revenue streams to the business.

Partnering with Arrow ECS to develop an innovative solution

Code Enigma decided to work with AWS Distribution Partner Arrow ECS to help understand and apply AWS best practices, including the AWS Well Architected Framework. Arrow ECS’s AWS expertise would be integral in getting Code Enigma’s workloads optimized more quickly and efficiently.

Arrow ECS analyzed Code Enigma’s requirements and created a business plan, making recommendations on ways their marketing, services and AWS operations could be improved.

Improving workload quality with well-architected reviews

Arrow ECS’s team of AWS Solutions Architects supported a “quality-first” approach by conducting AWS Well Architected Framework reviews for Code Enigma’s workloads. Arrow ECS’s technical team consulted with Code Enigma to review critical workload configurations, helping to strengthen the solution’s security posture. 

This process allowed Code Enigma to enhance the relationship they had with current customers while also creating an additional stream of service revenue, as they are now able to provide support and optimization services for existing websites.


“I really appreciate the team at Arrow ECS. They’re responsive and keen to support us in whatever way they can. They have a lot of technical experience that we can lean on, and have a great understanding of where we can benefit more from AWS’ development offers. It’s exactly the support Code Enigma were looking for as we put more emphasis on the growth of our Managed AWS services.”

David Griffiths
Operations Manager, Code Enigma

Simplifying budgets and billing with Arrowsphere

Arrow ECS also helped to simplify billing by including the full integration of AWS billing through the Arrowsphere Cloud Delivery and Management Platform. Arrowsphere provides a simplified, real-time aggregated view of onboarding and billing management.

Arrowsphere also allows for faster onboarding of new customers and AWS accounts, supporting self-management of customers’ own AWS services through Arrowsphere MyCloudPortal.

Leveraging AWS Partner benefits with help from a seasoned partner

Arrow ECS also helped Code Enigma access AWS Partner Network (APN) benefits, including Marketing Development Funds (MDF), and made them aware of opportunities to get AWS credits to support the development of services. With this insight from Arrow ECS, Code Enigma were able to invest in content creation and tele-sales.

In addition, Arrow ECS created a case study with Code Enigma to help improve its market awareness. This reference and its associated marketing efforts, funded by AWS MDF, helped Code Enigma increase organic leads by 200%, and created an opportunity for a closer working relationship with AWS.

Leveraging AWS expertise from Arrow ECS to improve business outcomes

Working with Arrow ECS to conduct AWS Well-Architected Reviews and identify potential issues, Code Enigma was able to proactively address risks by more than 50%.

Arrow ECS provided recommendations for workload and process improvements, including in-transit data encryption, network communication authentication, automated incident response management, and compute-related metrics analysis. These plans helped improve application security, operations, and performance.

In addition, establishing cloud budgets and forecasts and streamlining organizational metrics, enabled Code Enigma to improve their cost optimization terms for customers.

Finally, leveraging Arrowsphere, Arrow ECS’s Cloud Delivery and Management Platform, Code Enigma was able to simplify billing for its customers, making the process to use AWS services faster and more efficient.

A partnership to support continued growth

Tapping into Arrow ECS's expertise, Code Enigma was able to review and improve their critical workload configurations, simplify billing for customers, leverage AWS Partner benefits, and improve application security, operations, and performance.

Together with Arrow ECS, Code Enigma continues to grow and expand as an AWS Partner, tapping into the wide range of benefits available to members of the AWS Partner Network.

Code Enigma

About Code Enigma

Code Enigma is an open-source software specialist company with a mission is to provide exceptional Drupal support, hosting and development services for customers both big and small. They make modern, usable, mobile-first web solutions designed to fit their clients’ needs, and offer expertise in complex integrations.  
With ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, alongside accreditations from Drupal, Acquia, AWS, and more, they support some of the world’s busiest websites for customers from various industries, including public sector and government, educational institutions, charities and not-for-profit groups.

APN Program Participation

About Arrow ECS

Arrow ECS is a technology enablement company that delivers cloud value-added distribution and channel enablement services. They help optimize cloud spend, build competencies, and ensure smooth migrations to cloud. Arrow ECS’s ArrowSphere platform offers end-to-end cloud lifecycle management to help manage, scale and differentiate their customers’ cloud business. 

Arrow ECS is an AWS Distributor, AWS Public Sector Partner, AWS Well-Architected Partner, and APN Immersion Days partner.


Published February 2023