Billennium advances collaboration and drives growth through AWS Partner Transformation Program

Executive Summary

Billennium, an AWS Partner, participated in the AWS Partner Transformation Program (AWS PTP) to create a new service catalog for customers, advance its AWS collaboration, and drive new business growth. Billennium is an IT services and solutions provider with customers worldwide. By working with AWS Partner SyncOrg throughout the AWS PTP, Billennium raised awareness and increased efforts around new product delivery.

Seeking Assistance in Moving to a New Business Model

Billennium has provided innovative IT services and solutions to businesses in Europe and across the globe since 2003. The Poland-based company offers outsourcing and technical capabilities and helps enterprises optimize processes and implement software and services. 

Billennium specializes in offering cloud solutions based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and it has been an AWS Partner since 2019. “Our delivery teams have a lot of experience in AWS services, and we continue to focus on helping our customers move their workloads to AWS,” says Łukasz Stypułkowski, Channel Executive for Billennium. Recently, the company decided to evolve its AWS business approach and move from being a traditional outsourcing company to providing professional end-to-end IT solutions and managed services. To support this transition, the company sought assistance in structuring its business around AWS best practices. “As a company, our main goal is to deliver high-level, complex solutions, and growing our AWS collaboration is one way to support that,” says Patryk Olszewski, Project Manager for Billennium.

“As a company, our main goal is to deliver high-level, complex solutions, and growing our AWS collaboration is one way to support that.”

- Patryk Olszewski, Project Manager, Billennium

Joining the AWS Partner Transformation Program

To reach its goals, Billennium participated in the AWS Partner Transformation Program (AWS PTP), an assessment and implementation service designed to help companies accelerate their business growth and revenue with AWS. Through the PTP, Billennium was connected with AWS Partner SyncOrg, an IT services and consulting organization. SyncOrg develops a comprehensive assessment of a partner’s core AWS business, develops an action plan to help the partner meet specific goals, and supports the partner throughout the entire PTP process. 

Billennium approached the PTP like it does all projects, with internal processes and project management procedures in place. The company relied on SyncOrg to provide a 100-day plan including AWS PTP-specific guidelines that defined roles and responsibilities, high-level tasks, and project timelines. Throughout the program, more than a dozen Billennium employees from the sales, marketing, security, and solution delivery departments met three times each week to evaluate project goals and timelines. Smaller teams of program managers and goal owners met daily, following the project structure initially created by SyncOrg.

Creating a Service Catalog for Customers

During the AWS PTP, Billennium raised awareness and focused more of its efforts on new product delivery. In addition, the PTP was aligned closely with Billennium’s Innovation Lab and Business Incubator business initiatives. Because of this alignment, Billennium was able to focus on preparing for providing new services and products using AWS technology. As a result of the PTP and new initiatives, the company developed a service catalog and product roadmap, alongside a more structured way of creating new offerings, with governance around those offerings.

The service catalog features cloud onboarding, disaster recovery, and cloud migration services, packaged along with Billennium’s managed services. “Using our new service catalog, we will be able to help our customers get onto AWS faster and more easily,” says Stypułkowski.

“Once we participated in the AWS Partner Transformation Program, we gained insight into better serving our customers. This will make our business stronger as we continue to grow.”

- Łukasz Stypułkowski, Channel Executive, Billennium

Advancing AWS collaboration and driving business growth

By completing the AWS PTP, Billennium achieved its goal of advancing its AWS collaboration. The company is now an AWS Select Partner and is on track to become an AWS Advanced Partner by the end of 2022. Billennium anticipates that becoming an AWS Advanced Partner will bring benefits such as receiving access to additional marketing funds and generating new customer opportunities.

Additionally, Billennium became an AWS Public Sector Partner, which will help the company drive new business growth. “Becoming an AWS Public Sector Partner will give us more credibility in the public sector, which is important because we are increasingly working with customers in that space,” Stypułkowski says. Billennium is also now able to work with distributor Tech Data to use the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), a comprehensive program that provides migration support through tooling, services, guidance, and training. Billennium is using AWS MAP for a new public sector customer in Poland, and it plans to take advantage of the program to help more customers in the near future.

Billennium expects to keep reaping the rewards of its participation in the AWS PTP. “Once we participated in the AWS Partner Transformation Program, we gained insight into better serving our customers,” says Stypułkowski. “This will make our business stronger as we continue to grow.”

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About Billennium

Billennium, based in Warsaw, Poland, is a global technology company with 19 years of experience. An AWS Partner, Billennium creates innovative IT solutions using its expertise in outsourcing, software maintenance, development, and cloud computing. The company employs more than 1,800 specialists and has seven locations in Poland, in addition to offices in India, Germany, Canada, and Malaysia.

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Published September 2022