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Special Topic: The Launch of AWS Innovation Lab

Inside the AWS Prototyping and Innovation Lab

September 2023

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About the Episode 

On this special episode of Innovation Ambassadors, explore "behind-the-scenes" of AWS prototyping engagements at the Santa Clara Prototyping and Innovation Lab. Get a virtual tour and deep dive into the latest cloud solutions from AWS partners: 
Genymobile, Equinix, SeagatedSPACEICIVaisala and Marelli.

Hear from Brian Taptich, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at AWS about the mission and vision of the prototyping labs. Our host Sara Armstrong delves into the technologies and solutions deployed at the lab, and we're joined by Kandha Sankarapandian (Manager, WWSO Prototyping at AWS), Jeremy Dahan (Automotive Compute Sr Tech BD at AWS) and Jared Thompson (Hybrid Edge SA Specialist at AWS).

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Inside the AWS Prototyping and Innovation Lab

Guest Speakers

Dr. Rada Sumareva Headshot
Dr. Rada Sumareva Headshot

Rushmi Katyal

Chief Governance, Risk and Controls Officer at Parameta Solutions

 Jacob Marlow
Dr. Rada Sumareva Headshot

Jacob Marlow

Sr. Data Engineer at Parameta Solutions

Dr. Rada Sumareva Headshot
Dr. Rada Sumareva Headshot

Patrick O'Connor

WorldWide Prototyping Engineer at AWS


01:45 - Introduction and Purpose of the Podcast
02:57 - Special Guest: Brian Taptich (Tap), VP of AWS Worldwide Specialist Organization
03:43 - Mission of  Worldwide Specialist Organization and Prototyping and Innovation Labs 
05:14 - Evolution of Prototyping Labs and Collaboration with Customers

06:34 - Expansion of Labs Globally and Evolution into Innovation Labs 
07:54 - Showcasing Different Areas of the Lab with Specialized Demonstrations 
08:53 - Server Room and Equipment 
15:53 - Co-development Spaces and Workshop 

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