Network Monitoring

Monitor performance and availability of your AWS Network and Internet service providers


  • Quickly deploy, scale, and manage network or internet monitoring for your AWS-hosted applications and infrastructure, without on-premises installation or manual instrumentation.

  • Quickly visualize network events and take action on pre-built dashboards that provide metrics for latency, packet loss, and more. CloudWatch Network Monitor analyzes routing info, probes application packet paths, and provides real-time metrics. CloudWatch Internet Monitor performs hop-by-hop analyses to pinpoint issues by the geographic areas and internet Service Providers (ISPs) affected.

  • Pinpoint if an internet availability or network issue is caused by a specific ISP or by the AWS network, to identify and troubleshoot the root cause of network issues. Quickly identify the cause of performance issues and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

  • Continuously observe the health of your AWS application on the internet or on your hybrid network, and alert or alarm on issues proactively to get notified quickly about critical events that affect your clients. You can create alarms for internet performance degradation or set alerts for network health issues, such as latency.

Use Cases

Monitor your hybrid network performance

Amazon CloudWatch Network Monitor gives you visibility into your application’s hybrid network performance. Access real-time metrics, like round-trip latency and packet loss, to monitor the network. Customize date ranges on the Network Monitor dashboard to view historical packet loss and round-trip time, to help you troubleshoot issues using the network health indicator (NHI).

View AWS network health and take action

For customers connected over AWS Direct Connect, Network Monitor provides a Network Health Indicator (NHI) that monitors performance and availability. The NHI uses probes between an AWS Region and your on-premises destinations to monitor hybrid network health. With Network Monitor, you can identify performance degradation, measure impact, and then take action to improve your hybrid network health.

Set alerts and view all your Internet Monitor traffic and events in one place

Use Internet Monitor to identify health events that impact your end user experience for applications hosted on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud VPCs, Network Load Balancers, Amazon WorkSpaces, or Amazon CloudFront distributions. With Internet Monitor, you can create thresholds based on granular levels for performance issues. You can also get insights based on near real-time analysis of internet traffic latency and availability. Set alerts, and view all your internet traffic and events in one place.

Identify internet user traffic patterns

Internet Monitor lets you identify your client locations that generate the most traffic to your application. After you identify high traffic locations, get suggestions for traffic optimization and latency improvements by switching Regions or services.

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