Amazon QuickSight ML Insights

ML Insights leverages AWS’s proven machine learning (ML) and natural language capabilities to help you gain deeper insights from your data. These powerful, out-of-the-box features make it easy for anyone to discover hidden trends and outliers, identify key business drivers, and perform powerful what-if analysis and forecasting with no technical expertise or ML experience needed.

ML Insights is available as part of the QuickSight Enterprise Edition.

Amazon QuickSight ML Insights (1:33)

Discover anomalies and variations in your data

Discover hidden insights across your data

QuickSight’s ML-powered Anomaly Detection can continuously analyze all of your data to discover anomalies and variations inside of the aggregates, giving you the insights to act when business changes occur. Schedule automatic anomaly detection jobs across billions of metrics.

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ML powered forecasting

Perform accurate forecasting

Use ML-powered Forecasting to accurately predict your business metrics, and perform interactive what-if analysis with point-and-click simplicity. QuickSight’s built-in algorithms make it easy for anyone to use ML that learns from your data patterns to provide you with accurate predictions based on historical trends.

Automatically generate natural language narratives

Generate easy to read Auto-Narratives

QuickSight can automatically generate natural language narratives that can be woven into your dashboards and reports to provide deeper context for users. Use customized calculations, and custom formatting that allow you to control the story you present to your users.

How it works

How Amazon Quicksight with ML Insights works

Use cases

Sales reporting

Automatically analyze sales metrics across store locations, product categories, SKUs, and customers. ML-powered anomaly detection allows you to continuously monitor your sales, learning from historical data patterns at the most granular level, surfacing hidden trends and anomalies. Easily detect insights that are buried in the aggregates, like higher or lower-than-expected sales for a particular product, location, or even an individual customer.

Web analytics

With ML Insights, you can monitor your usage behavior in your website or application and quickly understand which items are seeing spikes from a recent campaign you ran, how usage behavior is reacting to new features and enhancements, and what are the top contributors to those changes.

Financial planning

Accurately forecast your revenue with multiple levels of seasonality (like sales with weekly and quarterly trends). QuickSight automatically excludes anomalies, like spikes due to a price drop, so they don’t influence the predictions. QuickSight handles missing values so you don’t have to worry about cleansing and re-prepping your data beforehand. Perform interactive what-if analysis to determine the growth trajectory needed to meet business goals.

Embedded Analytics

You can easily embed QuickSight’s ML features and NL narratives into your applications and web portals. Create and publish dashboards in QuickSight and then embed those dashboards into your applications with single sign-on, and APIs using the AWS and QuickSight SDKs. Make changes to your live dashboards in minutes without writing code, or managing deployments.

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Expedia Group

"At Expedia Group two of our key strategic imperatives are to be customer centric and locally relevant on a global basis. This which is why tools such as Amazon QuickSight are so helpful in making it easier to measure, report, and act on our business metrics to help our customers find the best matches for their travel searches. Amazon QuickSight’s out-of-the-box machine learning insights help us to continuously monitor our business for anomalies, alert stakeholders when outliers occur, and help our business project future trends, which in turn allows teams to focus on other priorities instead of building out these capabilities from scratch."

Amit Marwah, Director of Technology, Flights Data & Analytics - Expedia Group

Tata Consultancy Services Limited 

"Amazon QuickSight allows us to quickly and easily integrate our Amazon Connect contact center metrics with our client ticketing tools in order to deliver interactive and automatic dashboards that our customers love. We revolutionized our staffing, training, and outage reporting with Amazon QuickSight ML Insights, predicting where the call flow is moving and react accordingly in order to prevent call spikes and provide a better service to our customers."

Marco David Martinez, Cloud Manager - Tata Consultancy Services

Ricoh Company, Ltd.

"Machine learning is becoming more important than ever to meet our growing data volume and BI needs. Amazon QuickSight’s ML Insights functionality makes powerful machine learning easy to use in just a few clicks. It allows us to continuously monitor for unexpected usage behaviors in our fleet of smart devices worldwide, forecast usage trends and deliver comprehensive dashboards that incorporate these machine generated insights as auto-narratives to our line of business users. With ML Insights, we can quickly pinpoint and take actions on anomalies down to the specific devices and features, to improve the experience and add value to our customers."

Naoki Umehara, Group Leader - Ricoh Company, Ltd.


"QuickSight gives us the ability to quickly see important KPIs and charts with the possibility to drill down the metrics. We have connected all our main data sources such as Accounting, CRM and Jira in QuickSight and we can gather important data quickly and predict seasonality change impact with ML insights. Also, we use ML insights for anomaly detection that helps us understand the performance changes in teams."

Arturs Kruze, CEO - Magebit

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