Amazon Q data integration in AWS Glue

Integrate data using natural language

Amazon Q data integration in AWS Glue, a capability of Amazon Q Developer, enables you to build data integration pipelines using natural language. Describe your intent through a chat interface and Amazon Q data integration in AWS Glue will generate a complete job. You can test the job and put it into production with a single click. When errors occur, Amazon Q data integration can help you troubleshoot them so you don’t have to dive deep into documentation, blogs, and reference materials. Amazon Q data integration in AWS Glue provides you SME guidance throughout your data integration journey. You do not need to be an Apache Spark or SQL expert, or wait for an expert to answer your questions.

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Integrate data faster

Integrating data across multiple sources can take days or even months. The Amazon Q Developer data integration capability helps you build data integration jobs with minimal data integration knowledge or coding experience. It abstracts manual tasks so you can spend less time on mundane work and more time on analyzing data.

Tell Amazon Q Developer what you need in English and it will return a complete job for you. For example, with the data integration capability, you can ask Amazon Q Developer to “read JSON files from S3, join on ‘accountid’, and load into DynamoDB” and in response, it will return an end-to-end data integration job that can perform that action. You can review the generated job, test it against sample datasets, and move it to production.

Improve developer productivity

Building data integration jobs is just the beginning. Once a job is authored and deployed into production, you must maintain and troubleshoot it. The errors could be related to connection, environment, syntax, validation, or execution. They can occur when you create, test, publish or run your integration jobs. Troubleshooting jobs often requires perusing through log files and logging into monitoring dashboards.

Amazon Q Developer makes troubleshooting a breeze. Through a chat interface, developers can ask Amazon Q Developer to explain errors and to propose solutions. You no longer need to dive deep into documentation, blogs, reference materials, guides, or consult SMEs.

Get expert help instantly

The Amazon Q Developer data integration capability provides SME-level help throughout the entire data integration lifecycle. Trained and fine-tuned with domain knowledge base of AWS Glue, Amazon Q Developer provides responses to anything data integration related.

Instead of waiting for SMEs within your organization or hiring a consultant, you can reach out to Amazon Q Developer anytime through AWS Glue console, AWS Glue Studio or through API. The Amazon Q Developer data integration capability is optimized for use with other AWS services. You can easily create jobs that extract, transform and load data that is stored in Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB, Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon S3.

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