AWS Foundational Technical Review

Enabling AWS Partners to qualify software with AWS

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The AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) enables you to identify and remediate risks in your software or solutions. Whether your software is delivered as a SaaS solution or deployed by your customers, the FTR helps you identify AWS Well-Architected best practices specific to your software or solution. FTR is a self-service review that is valuable at any stage of your cloud journey. It is valid for three years from date of approval and you can conduct it at no cost. Get started »


Mitigate risks

The FTR provides specific guidelines to adopt a subset of AWS best practices to reduce risks around security, reliability, and operational excellence, as defined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework. 

Self-service process

The FTR guides you on how to automate the discovery of potential problems in your environment by leveraging AWS Partner solutions and AWS Services.

Access Partner benefits

Gain access to several AWS Partner benefits including funding, the AWS Competency Program to validate your expertise, and the AWS ISV Accelerate Program to help you co-sell.

Earn a ‘Qualified Software’ badge

With an approved FTR, you earn a “Qualified Software” badge and a listing in the AWS Partner Solutions Finder, allowing customers to easily find and contact you.

Get Started

  • If you have not already registered your company with the AWS Partner Network (APN), join at no cost by creating your AWS Partner Central Account.

  • Upon registering with the APN, enroll in the Software Partner Path.

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    • As part of the FTR process you must institute a periodic review of your architecture and operations against an internal or public standard in order to identify gaps and continually improve your architecture.
    • Evaluate your software architecture leveraging the validation checklist, also available in the FTR Guide before requesting an FTR.
    • Accept the ACE Terms and Conditions available via Partner Central > Sell tab
    • Share 10 sales opportunities with AWS through the ACE Pipeline Manager to maximize visibility with AWS Sales.
    • To find a solution for which review is being requested: Go to Partner Central > Build  > Solutions > Select the solution for review > Request validation > Attach FTR checklist
    • If the solution is not listed, create a new solution by selecting "Create solution" and completing all the required fields for the listing.
    • AWS will review your submitted documents and provide confirmation upon FTR approval or email instructions for remediation.
    • Upon successfully completing an FTR, you gain immediate access to AWS Partner benefits including a “Qualified Software” badge, funding, marketing resources, and more.