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Building Big Data Storage Solutions (Data Lakes) for Maximum Flexibility HTML | PDF
AWS Storage Services Overview PDF
Backup and Recovery Approaches Using AWS PDF
Enterprise Backup and Recovery: On-Premises to AWS PDF
Using AWS for Disaster Recovery PDF


Amazon S3 Masterclass (1:02:10)
Deep Dive on Amazon S3 (39:59)
Building Data Lakes (39:02)

Overview videos

Deep Dive on Amazon S3 & Amazon Glacier (59:51)
Best Practices for Amazon S3 (51:22)
Best Practices for Building a Data Lake in Amazon S3 (1:01:28)


Developers building applications can choose from a wide variety of AWS SDKs that simplify using Amazon S3 in their use case. AWS SDKs for Amazon S3 include libraries, code samples and documentation for the following programming languages and platforms.

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