Smart Manufacturing for Small and Medium Businesses

Modernize your manufacturing plant to meet customers’ expectations
Secure cloud for manufacturing

Smart manufacturing for small and medium business

Due to supply chain disruptions and sustainability requirements, many manufacturers are exploring modern ways of increasing efficiency and output. Amazon Web Services unlocks new opportunities specifically for SMB manufacturers. Our cloud experts can show you how to use connected devices via Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor performance in real time and better track emissions, so you have more time to prepare for the future of manufacturing.

Delivering manufacturers greater efficiency, sustainable operations, and new revenue streams through the cloud

Benefits of Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and supply chain management

Automate demand planning and warehouse management

Get real-time equipment updates

Protect your business with the highest level of cloud security

Pinnacle Response Provides Modern Security Software Solutions With AWS

Customer story: Meeting new manufacturing demands with the cloud

Pinnacle Response Provides Modern Security Software Solutions With AWS

Pinnacle Response is an SMB that needed to find a more scalable solution for their software and manufacturing operations, so they turned to AWS for guidance. Watch how a manufacturing company of less than 50 employees managed its capacity in preparation for a global expansion.

Learn how your peers are building their businesses with cloud

Join the AWS Connected Community for free and learn about the benefits of digitizing your business from your peers. The Connected Community is designed for leaders of small and medium-sized businesses to understand how they can leverage cloud to drive security, scalability, and savings. Members can also connect 1:1 with experts for advice and access relevant trainings on-demand to understand how to use new technologies to achieve their business goals.

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