Key Features

Fast Data Transfer

Snowball includes a 10GBaseT network connection (both RJ45 as well as SFP+ with either a fiber or copper interface) to minimize data transfer times. The Snowball device is designed to transfer multiple terabytes of data from your data source to the device in about a day, plus shipping time.


All data transferred to Snowball is automatically encrypted with 256-bit encryption keys that you can manage by using the AWS Key Management Service (KMS). The encryption keys are never sent to, or stored on the device, to help ensure your data stays secure during transit.

Rugged and Portable

Snowball includes a ruggedized case designed to be both durable and portable. The Snowball device weighs less than 50 pounds, so it's portable.

Tamper Resistant

The Snowball device is equipped with tamper-resistant seals and includes a built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that uses a dedicated processor designed to detect any unauthorized modifications to the hardware, firmware, or software. AWS inspects every device for any signs of tampering and to verify that no changes were detected by the TPM.

End-to-End Tracking

Snowball uses an innovative, E Ink shipping label designed to ensure the device is automatically sent to the correct AWS facility and also aids in tracking. Once you have completed your data transfer job, it can be tracked via Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), text messages, and the Console.

Secure Erasure

Once the data transfer job has been processed and verified, AWS performs a software erasure of the Snowball device that follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines for media sanitization.


Snowball supports APIs that enable customers and partners to integrate their own applications with Snowball. The Snowball Job Management API lets customers create and manage jobs outside of the AWS Management Console. In addition, the Snowball S3 Adapter gives customers direct access to Snowball as if it were a S3 endpoint.


Check this AWS Snowball specifications page for the complete list of hardware specifications, including interfaces, thermal and power requirements, decibel output, and dimensions.

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