Getting started with AWS Snowball is simple. Just create a new data transport job in the AWS Management Console.

We will ship one or more Snowball appliances to the address you provide when you create the job. Once the Snowball appliances arrive, you'll need to download the Snowball client from the Tools page and install the client on a Windows, Mac, or Linux host computer.

From there, connect the Snowball appliances to your local network, set the IP address either manually or with DHCP, and use the Snowball client to identify the directories you want to copy to the Snowball appliance. The client will automatically encrypt and copy the data to the appliance and notify you when the transfer job is complete.

Once the transfer is complete and the appliance is ready to be returned, the E Ink shipping label will automatically update to the correct AWS facility, and you can track the job status via Amazon SNS, text messages, or directly in the Console.

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