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Alpha Omega Upskills in AWS to Meet Public Sector Needs

Learn how Alpha Omega, a system integrator for the public sector and an AWS Partner, upskilled hundreds of employees using AWS Partner Training and Certification.


headcount growth supported by investment in career development of employees


growth in new contract wins annually


increase in customer satisfaction (from 80% to 93% in 2 years)


increase in AWS Certification(s)


Alpha Omega Integration (Alpha Omega), a system integrator within the public sector and an AWS Partner, was looking for a way to upskill its employees on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to address specific needs of government customers and fulfill certified staff requirements. Because the public sector increasingly demanded cloud-based solutions, Alpha Omega sought to achieve significant growth while strategically developing its workforce.

Alpha Omega chose to work with AWS Partner Training and Certification, which equips organizations with practical skills and industry-recognized credentials. By combining training programs from AWS with internal incentives to gain AWS Certification, the company has supported its fourfold headcount growth and gained more government contracts.

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Opportunity | Leaning into AWS Partner Training and Certification to Address the Skills Gap

Established in 2014, Alpha Omega has quickly gained recognition as a top supplier of Agile DevSecOps, cloud engineering, and cybersecurity solutions for the public sector. Its steady 50 percent year-over-year growth has led to its inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list for 6 consecutive years as of 2023.

Alpha Omega acknowledged the growing demand for AWS expertise because 60 percent of its business relies on AWS services. With more public sector clients seeking cloud-based solutions, Alpha Omega identified a critical skills gap that needed to be addressed to attract new talent with security clearance and achieve more AWS Certification(s) to meet contract requirements.

Additionally, to maintain its impressive growth and employee retention, the company recognized the importance of being an employer of choice that offers continuous professional development opportunities to existing and new employees.

To overcome these challenges and meet customer requirements for AWS Certified staff, Alpha Omega partnered with AWS Partner Training and Certification in 2020. By combining practical AWS training programs with the company’s innovative Talent Factory framework, Alpha Omega got the comprehensive training and mentorship it needed to develop individuals and address rapidly evolving skill needs.

“Getting guidance and new learning paths from AWS Partner Training and Certification was beneficial for us,” says Nitin Vartak, vice president of solutions at Alpha Omega. “We used the training credits that we received for being an AWS Partner and the programs available to build our training program to where it is today.”


Alpha Omega’s quarterly customer satisfaction score has increased 80% to 93% in the last 2 years because our well-trained workforce can operate more efficiently.”

Nitin Vartak
Vice President of Solutions, Alpha Omega Integration

Solution | Improving Employee Retention and Driving AWS Certification(s)

Alpha Omega used two major solutions from AWS Partner Training and Certification. The first was self-paced AWS training designed for employees looking to upgrade their AWS skill sets using the AWS Accelerator program. This provided opportunities to enroll Alpha Omega employees in complimentary bootcamps and achieve more AWS Certification(s). The second was a subscription to AWS Skill Builder Team subscription, an on-demand digital training that includes over 600 courses, access to AWS Certification Official Practice Exams, AWS Jams, compehensive reporting, and administrative tools. “AWS Skill Builder plays a vital role in employees achieving AWS Certification within specific time frames, making sure we meet our contract deadlines. AWS Skill Builder will grow in importance for us because of the way it pushes people to gain AWS Certification,” says Vartak. “It fits into our program nicely and will grow along with us.”

To further incentivize AWS Certification, Alpha Omega introduced the “Amazing Race to Certify,” a program that offered raffle prizes to motivate employees to actively participate in the certification process. Additionally, the company provides up to 40 hours of dedicated study time away from regular duties, encouraging employees to embrace continuous learning and personal growth.

Alpha Omega follows personalized training paths guiding employees through study materials and practice exams over several weeks, preparing them for certification exams. “AWS Partner Training and Certification training paths really work for us,” says Vartak. “People especially appreciate the preparation courses and practice exams. The AWS Accelerator program provided many opportunities to enroll our employees in complimentary bootcamps and get them certified. These programs have resulted in increased certification attempts among the self-pace learners. Over the span of 2 years, the team has achieved a 250 percent increase in certifications.”

Outcome | Continuing to Grow and Improve Employee Retention

The strategic investment in AWS Partner Training and Certification yielded numerous benefits for Alpha Omega. “With AWS Partner Training and Certification, we can increase customer satisfaction, which gives us more revenue and additional contracts,” says Vartak. “Alpha Omega’s quarterly customer satisfaction score has increased 80 percent to 93 percent in the last 2 years because our well-trained workforce can operate more efficiently.”

Meanwhile, Alpha Omega’s revenue increased by 80 percent between 2021 and 2023. The company has a 90.5 percent recompete win rate, a 50 percent compound annual growth rate over fiscal 2021, and 180 percent new contract growth annually. The company has been awarded a contract by the US Department of Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services to provide outcome-based delivery and DevSecOps services using its expertise in cloud engineering and DevSecOps to deliver essential functionality for digital applications.

Alpha Omega also has an employee retention rate of 91 percent. “Our exit surveys tell us good employees leave when we don’t develop the whole person. With AWS Partner Training and Certification programs, we’re responding with industry-leading certification opportunities,” says Victoria Suarez, manager of talent strategy and operations at Alpha Omega. Thanks to this retention, the company has gone from 235 to more than 425 full-time employees in the last 18 months.

Alpha Omega intends to continue this fast growth with AWS Partner Training and Certification. In 2023, the company plans to achieve an AWS Migration Competency through the AWS Competency Program, which validates and promotes AWS Partners with demonstrated AWS technical expertise and proven customer success.

“Using AWS, Alpha Omega employees have everything they need to accelerate their development trajectory. It’s been extremely rewarding collaborating with AWS Partner Training and Certification,” says Vartak. “We know the workers of the future must all be tech savvy, and this is a great way to whet their appetite and build key foundations. The AWS offerings that make our partnership so beneficial are not limited to technology alone; we also appreciate the dedicated customer success liaisons. Between the AWS technology and its people, we have a complete wrap-around solution for our growth goals.”

About Alpha Omega Integration

Alpha Omega Integration is an AWS Partner and government contractor that provides intelligent automation, custom software development, cloud solutions, and infrastructure security to its customers in the United States.

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