Using Amazon DynamoDB frees us from building, maintaining, and sharding
large real-time data intensive projects.

Charles Ju Co-Founder, PennyPop

PennyPop was founded by Charles Ju and Gordon Su in 2011. With just a small team of developers, the company was able to build and deploy Battle Camp, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that enables players to fight synchronously and chat in real time. Battle Camp is consistently on the list of top 100 highest grossing applications in over 40 countries.

  • Build a massive online role-playing game with just a small team of developers.
  • Needed to easily be able to increase throughput if the game became popular.
  • Maintain low cost.
  • Global deployment: PennyPop can now support its global player community by deploying to multiple regions on AWS.
  • Efficiency and ease of use: using DynamoDB allowed PennyPop to launch with only a few requests per minute and scale to over 80,000 requests per second. 
  • Cost savings: By using Amazon DynamoDB, PennyPop has saved at least 50% per year when compared to hosting and sharding their own relational database. The company would have also needed to double its operations staff from three to six server engineers to run the same environment on-premises.

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