BluePi Supports 150% Annual Business Growth Using AWS


Launched in 2012, BluePi is a technology company specializing in cloud migrations as well as developing solutions for big data analytics and machine learning. The India-based company’s piStats software-as-a-service solution helps media companies better manage their digital operations. This service includes content management features, web and mobile app development tools, big data analytics capabilities, and personalized push notifications. BluePi, which has offices in Gurgaon and Bangalore in India, became part of the AWS Partner Network as an Advanced Technology Partner and currently employs 80 people. The company is also an AWS Big Data Competency Partner and is about to become a DevOps Competency Partner.

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Our business is growing by at least 150% a year as part of the AWS Partner Network."

Aashu Aggarwal
Head of Sales and Operations, BluePi

The Challenge

When BluePi launched in 2012, the company looked to become part of the AWS Partner Network (APN). According to Aashu Aggarwal, head of sales and operations at BluePi, the company recognized that AWS would transform the way businesses accessed IT. This, in turn, would provide new opportunities for technology companies like BluePi, if they specialized in helping businesses transition to the AWS Cloud. Says Aashu, “We looked to become part of the APN because we believed AWS would be the preferred cloud platform for companies in India. There was no other cloud platform that was as well developed as AWS.”

For BluePi, it was important to work with a cloud-service provider that was also innovative. BluePi distinguishes itself from other IT service providers by its focus on new technologies—particularly big data analytics and machine learning (ML). Aashu says, “When we launched, big data and ML were emerging but AWS was already developing multiple services that, once integrated, could deliver the kinds of analytics platforms and ML solutions that we wanted to create for customers.”

Why Amazon Web Services

BluePi used the AWS Cloud as the infrastructure for BluePi piStats analytics platform. Since the platform’s launch, it has attracted a growing number of clients and currently processes more than one billion client data points a month.

The platform’s compute power is delivered through Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances with Amazon Kinesis capturing data from multiple clickstreams, financial transactions, social media feeds, and IT logs. The Amazon Kinesis service stores the data in an Amazon Redshift data warehouse where it can be queried by customers using piStats business intelligence tools. “The piStats platform is processing about 3 gigabytes of customer data per day and almost 10 million events for just one customer,” says Aashu. “For our customers, it’s a real-time pipeline of data analysis and business insight.”

Besides developing piStats on AWS, BluePi has helped many Indian companies migrate their IT stacks to the AWS Cloud. “We have delivered the largest server migration to the AWS Cloud in the Mumbai region,” says Aashu. The migration was for the ibibo Group, which operates—one of India’s largest hotel booking engines—and it involved 300 virtual machines. Aashu says, “For AWS migrations, we regularly use AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodeDeploy, and AWS CodePipeline as well as open-source development tools to automate the testing and deployment of changes to code prior to migrations. Using these solutions, we can efficiently migrate servers at scale to the AWS Cloud.”

Aashu says that almost all AWS projects for clients involve Amazon Relational Database Services (Amazon RDS). The management services that AWS provides with Amazon RDS makes it a highly cost-effective solution. In addition, many customers are using Amazon DynamoDB, the NoSQL database service, for web-application data such as customer profiles.

Increasingly, BluePi is integrating AWS Lambda (Lambda) and Amazon Redshift into its client solutions and machine learning platforms. Lambda runs code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources.

The Benefits

In the five years that BluePi has been part of the APN, the company has enjoyed significant year-on-year expansion. “Our business is growing by at least 150 percent a year as part of the AWS Partner Network,” says Aashu. “In addition, because we are an APN Advanced Consulting Partner, we are winning multiple large-scale server migrations to the AWS Cloud. We did one large-scale migration last year involving 300 servers and we expect to do several more in the next 12 months.”

The piStats software-as-a-service solution running on the AWS Cloud is seeing the number of clients double every three months. “In the last year, we invested a lot in the piStats service—making the solution more feature-rich,” says Aashu. “Yet, despite adding services to piStats, managing the infrastructure has not changed. In fact, the tendency is for management to decrease as we build more automation into the platform using AWS services. Right now, our management overhead is about 30 percent of our total IT costs but that figure is decreasing, and we can dedicate more resources to innovation.”

BluePi is enhancing the ML capabilities of its piStats platform, using its expertise in ML to integrate the technology into the platform. For Aashu, the ease of integrating AWS services to piStats has broadened its use. “Combining AWS services easily is a benefit because we can deliver projects at lower cost to our customers,” she says. Recently, BluePi built a chatbot demo for a customer, integrating AWS Lambda with Amazon Lex. “We were able to build our chatbot demo in a week with AWS, when it would have taken at least three weeks without the ease of integration we get with AWS services,” says Aashu. “That’s a 66 percent time-saving.”

Today, more than 90 percent of BluePi’s customers’ IT workloads are running on the AWS Cloud. “The assistance we gained from AWS during customer engagements is crucial. Being part of the APN ensures that companies like ours can take full advantage of the transformative capabilities of cloud computing for businesses,” says Aashu.


Launched in 2012, BluePi is a technology company specializing in cloud migrations as well as developing solutions for big data analytics and machine learning.

Benefits of AWS

  • Supports 150% annual business growth
  • More than doubles the number of larger-scale cloud migrations
  • Launches machine learning–based demos 66% faster
  • Reduces management resources for software-as-a-service solutions to 30%
  • Gains proactive support from the APN to help acquire new business

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