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Clearhead Improves Access to Mental Health Support with Enhanced AI Capabilities on AWS

Clearhead optimizes its wellbeing platform using Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Titan, resulting in cost reductions, time savings, and enhanced personalization for users.

7 weeks

to implement generative AI on AWS

Greater personalization

for contextualized chat experiences

Reduced costs

Saves thousands of dollars using pay-as-you-go model

Improved care

Predictable outcomes that maximize patient safety


Clearhead sought to increase access to mental health support by making it simpler for users to find the right therapist on its wellbeing platform. To improve responses from the platform’s digital therapist chatbot, the startup looked to leverage generative AI and large language models.

Clearhead, which participated in the AWS ANZ Generative AI Accelerator program, used Amazon Titan on Amazon Bedrock to enhance chatbot personalization. The implementation led to more context-aware discussions, better therapist search accuracy, lower generative AI costs, and more predictable responses.


Opportunity | Delivering Greater Personalized Mental Health Care

Auckland-based startup Clearhead was founded to transform access to proactive mental health support. Established in 2018, the company has created a solution that adapts to its users, offering a holistic approach to recognizing mental health issues and supporting individuals throughout their mental well-being journey. As a leading employee assistance programs (EAP) provider across New Zealand and Australia, Clearhead’s wellbeing platform provides interactive AI tools to develop emotional intelligence, a mental health resource library, access to over 1000 therapists and psychologists for in-person or online therapy, and comprehensive reporting of psychosocial hazards in the workplace.

Within the app, users can also access a chatbot that serves as a digital therapist, supporting increased self-awareness regarding their mental health. This feature utilizes generative artificial intelligence (AI) to customize interactions, providing timely and personalized support for each user interaction.

Clearhead wanted to improve chatbot responses through better contextualization—incorporating all previous interactions with the wellbeing platform, not just chats. The company also hoped to integrate generative AI technology with other platform features such as therapy booking, making it easier for users to be matched with the right therapist. However, Clearhead found that its existing AI solution couldn't meet these goals. Training and operating its large language model proved costly, and keeping the model up to date was challenging, leading to chat users sometimes waiting 10 seconds or more to receive a response.


Using AWS, we’re moving towards our goal of creating a digital therapist that can provide high-quality mental healthcare support to anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

Angela Lim
CEO & Co-Founder, Clearhead

Solution | Driving Innovation with Foundation Models on AWS

To address these challenges, Clearhead turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and participated in the AWS ANZ Generative AI Accelerator program, which offers startups support and resources to build and refine their AI solutions. Clearhead's participation in the accelerator program, part of AWS Startup Loft, facilitated the adoption of Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that offers a range of high-performing foundation models (FMs) to streamline the development and scaling of generative AI applications.

With Amazon Bedrock, Clearhead improved generative AI performance, adding cost-effective text summarization to its existing machine learning models. As the Clearhead team continued to meet weekly with its AWS Solutions Architects, it also integrated Amazon Titan, a family of FMs pretrained by AWS on large datasets, with its existing machine learning models. “We would highlight if we needed any support in which areas, and AWS Solutions Architects promptly addressed our needs, providing the necessary information. The process progressed swiftly," says Connolly.

Within seven weeks, Clearhead successfully implemented Amazon Bedrock with Amazon Titan, completed a rigorous quality assurance process and transitioned workloads into production. Clearhead employs Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) for full control over its virtual networking environment, including resource placement, connectivity, and security. This approach ensured a secure connection between Clearhead's Amazon VPC and Amazon Bedrock, safeguarding the company’s data and giving customers peace of mind.

In addition to addressing Clearhead's data security and compliance requirements, the fully managed Amazon Bedrock solution helped the company resolve cost concerns through its pay-as-you-go model. States Michael Connolly, chief technology officer at Clearhead, "By using AWS, we pay just a few hundred dollars for generative AI, as opposed to the thousands of dollars required to maintain underlying hardware."

Furthermore, Connolly and his team gained more time to innovate because they no longer had to manage the AI solution’s infrastructure. The time saved is used to test other FMs available through Amazon Bedrock—such as Anthropic Claude, which writes long-form documents. “Amazon Bedrock gives us the opportunity to find the best FMs for our different use cases,” says Connolly. “Through its management console, we can swap out models very quickly with minimal work and experiment a lot faster.”

Outcome | Making Quality Mental Health Support Accessible to All

Following the implementation of Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Titan, the Wellbeing Assistant app now provides users with more personalized responses. The FM has a broader and deeper understanding of language for greater care and maximum patient safety. Connolly explains, “Our chatbot understands a conversation’s context much better using Amazon Titan, accessing more information to clarify questions and create more natural responses for a better user experience.”

Thanks to greater personalization, users are more satisfied with the chatbot feature. Dr. Angela Lim, CEO & Co-Founder at Clearhead, says, “Using AWS, we’re moving towards our goal of creating a digital therapist that can provide high-quality mental healthcare support to anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

Since deploying Amazon Titan FM to support the digital therapist service, Clearhead has also implemented Amazon Titan Embeddings FM to capture the semantic meanings of text searches across the platform. As a result, users can find the right therapist more easily and locate the information that’s most relevant to their situation. Comments Connolly, “Amazon Titan Embeddings does a great job of handling the flexibility of the English language when it comes to words around mental health in general.”

As Clearhead continues to refine its generative AI capabilities on AWS, it will gradually shift away from relying on natural language processing (NLP) models as guardrails for its FMs. The NLP models currently oversee user interactions with FMs to ensure they adhere to predefined principles. Concludes Connolly, “We’ll continue to explore ways to integrate Amazon Bedrock into our platform as we make quality mental health support accessible to as many people as possible.”

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About Clearhead

Clearhead, an innovative employee assistance program (EAP) provider, uses data to help individuals proactively manage mental wellbeing and help employers to effectively manage psychosocial risks. The company has created an online, one-stop-shop mental health platform that guides people toward improving mental health and finding the right therapist for their needs.

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