ClickSoftware Speeds Innovation by Migrating Critical Microsoft Workloads to AWS


Focusing on Availability and Innovation

More than 350 companies across a range of industries depend on ClickSoftware workforce-management solutions to run their businesses every day. These companies schedule and dispatch field service workers and rely on ClickSoftware solutions to make those processes easy and efficient. That’s why ClickSoftware must ensure its Windows-based solutions stay available around the clock. “Some of our customers could lose $100,000 for every hour of downtime,” says Udi Keidar, vice president of cloud services for ClickSoftware. “We absolutely need to provide our service to them at all times. Reliability is the key to our business.”

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The fact that AWS provides the tools to migrate and run Windows efficiently was huge for us. With the help of AWS, we were able to migrate software that was initially developed for on-premises environments, redesign it, and move it to the cloud."

Udi Keidar
Vice President of Cloud Services, ClickSoftware

The Challenge

As ClickSoftware grew, it wanted to find new ways to deliver innovative products and features to its customers. “We always want to give our customers more value, but we were limited by our on-premises IT environment,” Keidar says. “As more of our customers demanded cloud-based offerings, we knew we had to meet those demands, and we realized the cloud could give us the speed of innovation and efficiency we were looking for.”

Migrating Hundreds of Microsoft Workloads to the AWS Cloud

ClickSoftware’s move to the cloud accelerated after an acquisition, and the company needed to quickly migrate its legacy Microsoft workloads. “When we started our project in 2015 and evaluated both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, it was clear that Amazon Web Services was the right cloud platform for us to accelerate our cloud growth,” says Keidar. Over several years, the company moved its legacy Windows Server 2008 environment—featuring hundreds of applications and dozens of custom Microsoft .NET applications—to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Its initial migration had challenges, but ClickSoftware turned to AWS Premier Support for help. Relying on the AWS Database Migration Service and especially the AWS Well-Architected framework for guidance, ClickSoftware was able to successfully move hundreds of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition applications to AWS, running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) t2, m4, r4, and c4 instances optimized with Intel technology.

AWS Support engineers can escalate directly to Microsoft Support on behalf of AWS customers running Microsoft workloads. ClickSoftware is also running Microsoft SharePoint, Active Directory, and more than 10 custom .NET applications on Amazon EC2. “We could not have completed the migration without AWS Support and the Well-Architected framework,” Keidar says. “Using these services and tools, we discovered gaps in our architecture, and we learned how to close those gaps by assessing our solution’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Following the migration, ClickSoftware launched the software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of its workforce-automation solution—FSE (Field Service Edge)—on AWS using a multi-tenant architecture in multiple Availability Zones to deploy the software to customers in the cloud. ClickSoftware runs 20 Microsoft Windows databases on 2,000 Amazon EC2 instances, which run on Intel Xeon processors. In addition, the organization relies on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) as an orchestration service for its microservices architecture.

Why Amazon Web Services

Meeting Customer Demand for Highly Available Software

By migrating its mission-critical Microsoft workloads to AWS and offering a SaaS version of its solution, ClickSoftware helps its customers avoid costly downtime. “Running our workforce-automation software on AWS means we can offer a stable service that is always available for our customers,” Keidar says. “We can provide a resilient solution by running our software on multiple instances in multiple regions. The fact that AWS provides the tools to migrate and run Windows efficiently was huge for us. With the help of AWS, we were able to migrate software that was initially developed for on-premises environments, redesign it, and move it to the cloud.”

ClickSoftware can also scale its SaaS solutions on demand. “On AWS, it’s all about operational efficiency and getting compute capacity when we need it,” says Keidar. “If we couldn’t scale with that kind of elasticity, it would cost us more money. AWS is helping us accelerate and improve our business.”

The Benefits

Innovating Faster in the Cloud

ClickSoftware can now innovate faster and more easily on top of its Microsoft stack on AWS. “Businesses are moving fast today, and we need to get out ahead of what’s going on and what our customers are demanding. On AWS, we can do that by innovating faster than we ever could using an on-premises infrastructure,” says Keidar. “We can push out software changes quickly without any system downtime,” remarks Keidar. “If there are issues with our software, we can apply fixes to production in a fraction of the time that it used to take, thanks to the agility we get on the AWS Cloud.”

By moving mission-critical Microsoft workloads to AWS, ClickSoftware is driving a digital business transformation that shows no signs of slowing down as the company grows. To free up valuable resources to pursue innovative business ideas, reduce cost, and improve performance, the organization plans to migrate from SQL Server to a different database such as PostgreSQL (compatible relational database). “Moving to Amazon Aurora, for example, will give us additional scalability and automation,” Keidar says. “We are also planning to leverage big-data analytics and machine learning technologies on top of AWS. Every direction we look on AWS, we see opportunities to improve our business by increasing innovation, efficiency, scalability, and performance.”

About ClickSoftware

ClickSoftware, based in Burlington, Massachusetts, provides automated mobile-workforce-management and service-optimization solutions for enterprises and small businesses. The company’s software is used by service companies to streamline the scheduling and dispatching of field service employees.

Benefits of AWS

  • Easily migrates critical Microsoft workloads to the cloud
  • Enables easy management and delivery of new SaaS platform
  • Speeds innovation, enables software to be upgraded in days instead of months
  • Helps customers avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue

AWS Services Used

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Amazon Elastic MapReduce

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AWS Support

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