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DISH Builds First Cloud-Based Customizable 5G Network on AWS

In this video, DISH executive vice president and chief network officer Marc Rouanne shares how DISH is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build the first cloud-based 5G network from the ground up, creating a user-defined network of networks that will support technology that has never been seen before. Rouanne describes how AWS is helping DISH forge a new path in the wireless industry, creating networks that are customizable by speed, latency, and data requirements. DISH is using artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions on AWS to connect services and machines through edge computing, driving automation that lays the groundwork for autonomous vehicles, climate change monitoring, and other technologies of the future.


We can create a nationwide replica in the network in days and scale it up and down at will, which would have taken years on a classical 4G or 5G network. We can literally move the software around in hours, which would have taken years in existing networks. Looking ahead, this is going to be the enabler of technology that people have not even imagined yet, and there is so much potential—and I'm excited that AWS is right alongside us in this journey."

Marc Rouanne
EVP & Chief Network Officer, DISH

AWS Services Used

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is a service that monitors applications, responds to performance changes, optimizes resource use, and provides insights into operational health.

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AWS Local Zones

AWS Local Zones are a type of infrastructure deployment that places compute, storage, database, and other select AWS services close to large population and industry centers.

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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) gives you full control over your virtual networking environment, including resource placement, connectivity, and security. 

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Amazon SageMaker

Build, train, and deploy machine learning models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows.

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