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AWS Summit New York 2023

FOX Corporation Uses AI to Change the Face of Media

In this video, Lindsay Silver, FOX’s senior vice president (SVP) of Data & Commercial Technology, describes how the company is reimagining how the world interacts with media by leveraging generative AI, machine learning, and data solutions on AWS to create more moments that matter. Using services including Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Personalize, and exploring new technologies such as Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Titan, FOX is accelerating data insights to deliver AI-driven products in near real-time that are contextually relevant and highly valuable to consumers, advertisers, and broadcasters alike.

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We're extremely proud of the infrastructure we've built but also proud of the relationship and the technologies that Amazon provides us with."

Lindsay Silver
SVP of Data & Commercial Technology, FOX

Catch the Highlights

How FOX Thinks of Learning as a Human Process

Building FOX's Platform for the Next Chapter in AI

AI for Better Sportscasting with Foresight

Using AI Driven Content Segmentation with Atlas

Creating Smart Summarized Content in Realtime

What's Next? AI Helps Us Expand Any Moment

About FOX

FOX Corporation produces and distributes news, sports, and entertainment content through domestic brands, including FOX Sports, Tubi, FOX Entertainment, FOX Television, and FOX News Media Stations. It has over 300 million monthly active users, meaning over 300 million people see one or more pieces of content on FOX every month.  

Lindsay Silver, SVP,  Data and Commercial Technology, FOX Corporation

Lindsay Silver, SVP, Data and Commercial Technology, FOX Corporation

Lindsay Silver is the SVP of Data and Commercial Technology at FOX. Prior to joining FOX, Lindsay served as Global Vice President, Platform Technology and U.S. Head of Product at Condé Nast where he drove the development of Condé Nast’s products across content management, consumer, and advertising product areas. Before Condé Nast, Lindsay worked at a variety of technology companies in engineering and product management roles, always focused on developing systems that empowered users using data and thoughtful UIs.

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